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  Which Broadband? (Thinking of changing)
Posted by: Kingy - 02-13-2017, 03:24 PM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (16)

I'm with BT - Infinity 2 Unlimited Fibre. With line rental. 

I do need true unlimited as my average download usage over the last 12 months is 380 gig a month.
So, current costs are : 

Infinity 2 Fibre: 32.50 per month with £6 discount for duration of contract = £26.50 per month.

Add line rental (£18.99 to that) and my monthly cost is £45.49 per month (plus any calls made). 

BT are increasing their prices so I can move without penalty if I want to. They are offering me a 'deal' to stay which (including their increase) is £47.49 per month all in. I do get a shiny new BT Hub 6 though if I stay which they are saying is worth £129.99

So, staying with BT will get me a new hub but cost me £2 a month more, plus start a new 18 month contract. 

I can't get Virgin / cable in this area, so the main providers I'd be looking at are Sky and Plusnet. I'd rather not bother with TalkTalk as they have been poor locally. 

Anyone on either of these (Fibre) and able to give appraisals and cost ideas? 


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  Had my OP
Posted by: jollyjoiner - 01-31-2017, 10:03 AM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (53)

Well I'll have to make this brief because my head is not quite clear.

Had my operation on Friday to repair my collar bone AC joint. It was secured back down with a Lars ligament.

What a horrible op that was, firstly with them having to find the arms nerves in your neck and block them with anesthetic while your awake. This numbs your arm for 24 hours so when I came out after the op I felt hardly any pain at all but also couldn't move my arm as it was numb.

By 3am Saturday morning the arm was mine again but then so was the pain which was horrendous and i was buzzing for pain relief .

Came out of Hospital late Saturday afternoon and I'm now at home, arm in sling for 6 weeks and on Tramadol  and paracetamol which takes the edge off the pain but sends my so muzzy headed and groggy i'm away with the fairies Angel 

Everyone I've spoken to that has had a shoulder op say the same thing that the pain is the worst they have felt.  (GREAT) Sad 

So I hope this is now the road to recovery and hope to be back at work or on a bike again in about 8 to 10 weeks Wink

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  Today's theme song....
Posted by: FraserG - 01-20-2017, 10:42 AM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (1)

Is provided by R.E.M (or the artist of your choosing doing the same set of lyrics) with this:


Remember to buy your fallout shelters now before the price increases following tomorrow's nuclear strike.

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  The Ethics of SaaS
Posted by: rokshana - 01-19-2017, 07:30 AM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (4)

There are a lot of hindrances for individuals in the SaaS business to fight with. You need to stress over a client's protection, security and morals buy email list, alongside the way that they won't not believe you at first—and that you have to acquire their trust.

A potential client has to realize that you're not going to treat their information like some kind of $1 peepshow ("Step straight up and investigate!), and that you really think about the security of their data.

You do care, obviously, however in the event that a client is encountering a bad dream about contenders taking his information and getting to be distinctly rich from his thoughts, you must shake him back to rest and guarantee him that it was only an awful dream.

You need to kill these non-literal creatures—discovered both in storage rooms and under beds—and your morals are your exclusive weapons. You're devoted to giving a top notch benefit with outstanding qualities and an ear toward what the client needs, yet you have to demonstrate the client that you do mind. That show begins with your center morals and your mentality toward SaaS.

Your morals are the way to quieting client concerns, yet before we discuss how that functions we have to examine what really matters to your customer. "In any case, I could never give any of these things a chance to happen!" you shout, spilling a glass that is generally loaded with hazelnut Coffee-mate on your shirt, "Get genuine, customer!"

Obviously you wouldn't give these things a chance to happen, however you have to comprehend your client's morals based concerns in case will battle them successfully.
[Image: _201512211103138884_LatestDatabaseLogo.jpg]
Suspicion – You know the familiar adage about distrustfulness and somebody really being out to get you. To some degree, a customer's suspicion is sensible. It can rapidly traverse into tinfoil cap domain, yet it needs to be tended to. Customers are frightened that their beyond any doubt to-be-a-hit housecat-based MMO, entitled 'Kitty Kingdom' will fall under the control of their rivals under the name 'Insane Cat Castle.' More sensibly, they're anxious about losing delicate records and creative methodologies.

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  It's someone's birthday
Posted by: FraserG - 01-10-2017, 09:33 AM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (12)

According to Feckbook ;-) and memory of course it's our dearly beloved founder's birthday today.

Have a good one Kingy, hope you have a good day cycling in the cold and working hard for a change as always.

All hail dear leader... Celebrations and sacrifices at 6pm  Big Grin

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  Welcome back fellow Monkeys and Spammers ...
Posted by: Kingy - 01-03-2017, 01:45 PM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (17)

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. 

I had a 'rest' from internet and social media during my week off. (Yes, ok ... I couldn't be arsed ;Wink
Was hoping Facebook would have eaten itself and died, but the emails for my account and the several spam accounts set up using my company domain say otherwise. Shame that.

I did get out training a bit during the week. Nothing much. A mountainbike ride, a run and two road rides. All quite leisurely. Plenty of time with Yaz and the kids - plus other close family and friends and a few beers too. Good week off, but a shame it wasn't longer.  

I've got a couple of new toys ... 

1) An Amazon Echo - very good especially when matched with a premium music account. That said Samee uses it as a constant source of amusement by asking it to tell a joke, then a riddle and then to fart. Whenever he is in the room it's like they are both stuck on a loop!  Big Grin  Yaz loves it as she can finally alter the heating through Alexa. (She never did get the hang of the Tado phone app!).
I was going to buy a Sonos, but have held fire as I'm now torn between another echo or a dot with Sonos Play 1 (but they don't integrate yet bar Yonomi which is far from ideal). 

2) A Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch - Brilliant piece of kit. Cool  I thought it may be just a bit of a gimmick, but I'm really impressed with it. Not just the usual things it can do (which means you can leave your phone in your pocket - even for calls/ text/ music etc), but it's fitness side , which has been a bit of a surprise to say the least (Didn't expect it to be so good from the reviews I've read). Plenty of info through the watch - much more detail through the Samsung Health app and auto upload to Strava. On two test rides and a run it's proved to be as accurate as the TomTom watch and the Mio / Garmin. 
Given that I've got lots syncing and displaying (plus a Tag Heuer watchface loaded) it's lasting at least 3 full days on one charge which is excellent. It could stretch to four, but would run out so third night of use I put it on charge. I'm having lots of fun tinkering with it.  

Anyone else get anything interesting?

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  Happy New Year folks......
Posted by: RogerC - 12-31-2016, 03:42 PM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (5)

To al l...or indeed anyone who bothers to look in.....wishing you all a safe, contented and satisfying 2017.  Wishing you all these things as I reckon they trounce 'Happy' by a mile...... Big Grin Big Grin

from Roger and Mrs C.

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  Power of music
Posted by: Yogi - 12-27-2016, 11:11 PM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (2)

So George Michael has karked it !

I was a partucular fan of his solo career not so much Wham.

His studio albums have been top of my playlist for years now, although Patience was far from his best work.
The production on most of the tracks was just excellent, The layers of sound and deep bass rhythms overpower me every time.

I saw him live twice, and he was excellent both times.

What a very sad loss, it feels like I've lost a friend.

I just hope he was aware of the joy he brought to many with his Music.

George you will be missed.

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  Merry Christmas
Posted by: jollyjoiner - 12-23-2016, 06:55 PM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (3)

Like the title says

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all from me

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  Few words and a few more pictures of our Lads Jolly to Berlin.
Posted by: Kingy - 11-14-2016, 05:42 PM - Forum: General Chat and Banter and Sillyness! Anything goes. - Replies (5)

Set off 4.15am.
Into one of the lounges for bacon butties, coffee and a cheeky beer.
Quick flight to Berlin.
Pre-booked shuttle met us and we were out and about in Friedrichshain late morning. 

We had read that the area we were staying in was similar to the Northern Quarter in Manchester. A bit quirky with cafe bars and street art. It was easy to see the likeness as we walked in search of our first bar passing closed shutters of businesses which weren't yet open ...

 [Image: IMG_20161111_132301_zpsv8xa53lc.jpg]

The quirkiness continued inside the bars. After a couple of pints and a rather "spirited" game of bar football we were off ...

[Image: 20161111_122504_zpsmyz31tfm.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20161111-WA0008_zpsheb8sx2f.jpg]

Tried a Mexican bar next. 

[Image: IMG-20161111-WA0010_zpsoqynbzbs.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20161111-WA0009_zpsaixwr1da.jpg]

We had the best intentions of getting down to the East Side Gallery, but as the evening closed in, more bars opened and we are weak  Wink  Big Grin Temps were -5 to -7 overnight, so we soon realised that it was far easier staying in bars. 

 [Image: IMG-20161112-WA0005_zpsbqqzoyiy.jpg]

We were up early 'ish' Saturday. Good breakfast at the hotel then off to the centre of Berlin for a look at the TV Tower. We passed this on the way. 

[Image: IMG-20161112-WA0025_zpsoqin2bvm.jpg]

And this whilst we queued ...

[Image: 20161112_123457_zpshz8lbuql.jpg]

TV Tower is an impressive structure. 

[Image: 20161112_120329_zpswoknbble.jpg]

We took the views in, had a couple of beers at the bar and then we were off again ...

[Image: 20161112_152328_zpsrvyrznbg.jpg]

Got diverted as we wandered toward Checkpoint Charlie. 

[Image: 20161112_152758_zpsm34f7dke.jpg]

[Image: 20161112_152848_zpsp7vvkger.jpg]

[Image: 20161112_153409_zpskr2simjc.jpg]

Speaking of which ...

[Image: 20161112_160712_zpsn3jakwv8.jpg]

[Image: 20161112_162839_zpslnfsbmlt.jpg]

We went over the road and read about people killed trying to jump the wall and people caught (or succeeding) in escaping. It's mad to think this was less than 30 years ago. 

We quickly lost light and temps dropped so we went back in search of warmth (and beer), passing the TV Tower on our travels. 

[Image: 20161112_171527_zpsj99soxsu.jpg]

Found a really quirky alley off the main centre with a bar and lots of street art. Some fantastic pieces. 

[Image: 20161112_183919_zpsujvzxg3b.jpg]

[Image: 20161112_183901_zpspyhgckpt.jpg]

[Image: 20161112_183955_zpsrl0hvyjh.jpg]

This is really clever. The light on the wall is the flash ...

[Image: 20161112_184416_zpsjvgnxclc.jpg]

We had a few beers then trammed back to 'home' and spent the night local. Stayed out far later than intended, rolling in sometime around 3.30am. 

Back up again Sunday morning for breakfast (which seemed to arrive far too quickly!) and we were off again. Decided we would go to the East Side Gallery so wandered down there as it's got a stretch of the wall still in place. 

Passed this on the way. 

[Image: 20161113_121156_zps0gwww7ux.jpg]

Dave asked how the art is done on such a large scale. And by magic ....

[Image: 20161113_122542_zpshwfouqqi.jpg]

Despite not yet having a beer this kept us giggling for a fair bit longer than it should have done. 

[Image: 20161113_122805_zpsb8f7wcd8.jpg]

Then we got to the wall. 

[Image: 20161113_122935_zpskxdrklrd.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_123033_zpsszlsavo5.jpg]

One of the local shops ...

[Image: 20161113_123528_zpsmwd9z1m4.jpg]

We wandered further, over the bridge. 

[Image: 20161113_124406_zpsu2pbjwky.jpg]

And decided we might aswell jump on a train. 

[Image: 20161113_125319_zps8lyveapz.jpg]

The plan was to go to the Olympic Stadium and Tuefelsberg (Devils Mountain). We had to switch trains along the way and wandered past yet more street art. Love the way the building has been made bigger with paint!

[Image: 20161113_140022_zpsrqyvimgd.jpg]

Mario Gotze. He's German don't you know. 

[Image: 20161113_140029_zpsfnz6zlqh.jpg]

We got off the (next) train and walked through Grunewald Forest. We'd decided to walk to Teufelsberg first as it closed at 4pm, then do the Stadium if we had time. I didn't think we would get here so was quite excited as we walked through in the freezing temps. Then we got a glimpse of the Spy Tower ...

[Image: 20161113_142545_zpsakfmqbz6.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_150428_zpswbwcd7ob.jpg]

I'll add a link that's really worth reading as it explains all about this place. The current owners have allowed street artists to do as they wish and charge a small fee to enter and go wherever you want. It's an amazing place.

[Image: 20161113_150635_zpsgcd9exhc.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_150659_zpsrltejhko.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_151055_zpstadpvymt.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_151552_zpsvlce34sb.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_151639_zpszvk7efad.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_151628_zpsmzkpl8lu.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_151650_zpshjnwm6ge.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_152209_zpsq3hp3it1.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_152634_zpsk08ojvum.jpg]

That's my little brother (Jason) stood with me ...

[Image: 20161113_152755_zpsxbfstoab.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_154713_zpsd4cddfxd.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_154844_zps74na0szx.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_154935_zpsg13x4gzp.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_155159_zpsy7k4v6bw.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_155853_zpskovzsdpl.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_155945_zpseoe3blpm.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_160058_zpsldiawqld.jpg]

[Image: 20161113_160256_zpswvqsthmx.jpg]

We just managed to get back through the Forest before it was dark - and very cold. 

Then, bite to eat and we were off the the airport and the weekend was over. 

Oh, and a bit of info and that link ...

Quote:A Cold War relic lies abandoned on top of a mountain made of rubble, built over a Nazi college that couldn't be destroyed after World War II. The gates of the former US spy station are locked and secure, its perimeter sealed by an uncompromising high fence, an angry crisscross mesh of wires that clearly imply “Eintritt Verboten!”
Welcome to Teufelsberg, literally ‘Devil's Mountain,’ a hill reaching 120.1 meters above sea-level, made from an estimated 12 million cubic meters of war rubble (apparently about 400,000 bombed houses) pushed together in the north of the Grunewald forest in West Berlin.
Buried deep beneath is what remains of a planned Nazi military training school designed by Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer. So sturdy was it that attempts by the Allies to destroy it failed, so they covered it with war-rubble instead. There was plenty of it around at the time. Every day, 80 truckloads of 7,000 cubic meters of rubble collected mostly by local women used to arrive. They became known as Trümmerfrauen or ‘rubble women’ for their efforts.
Perched atop this (wo)man-made mound now sits the old abandoned listening or intelligence-gathering stationused during the Cold War by the Americans and British to learn what was going on in Russian-controlled East Germany. It wasn't very discreet; three huge bulbous globes, two radomes perched atop buildings three-stories high and another sitting a further six-stories higher, creating a giant condom-shaped tower.


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