Sally Sparrow

Portrayed by: Carey Mulligan
Travelled with: Tenth Doctor
Appearances: Blink
Associated with: Martha Jones
Enemies encountered: Weeping Angels

Sally Sparrow was first seen in Blink (Series 3 : Episode 10) as an assistant to the Doctor, without properly meeting him. Aged 18, Sally has an interest in "urban exploration" (the photography hobby of taking photos of the inside of abandoned buildings), leading her to explore the Wester Drumlins house one night. While there, she finds a message written on the wall, addressed to her, telling her to duck. As she does so, a rock flies through the window. Sally returned to her close friend, Kathy Nightingale for assistance, where she also met Kathy's brother Larry. The following morning, Sally and Kathy return to the house to investigate. While there, a man, Malcolm Wainwright, arrived with a package for Sally, having been instructed to arrive at the house at that exact time on that date. He claimed to be Kathy Wainwright formally Nightingale's grandson. Sally disbelievingly shouts up to Kathy, but she had already been transported to 1920's Hull by the Weeping Angels, prompting Sally to read the letters, finding that her friend lived a good life in Hull before dying 20 years prior. Sally goes to the DVD store where Larry works to tell him what happened to Kathy, where she finds him watching a man in glasses speak to himself on one of the DVDs. Larry says that the man appears on 17 unrelated DVDs in "Easter egg" form before giving Sally the list of DVDs.

Sally Sparrow in Blink

Sally then met police officer, Billy Shipton, who asked her out, but was investigating disappearances around the Wester Drumlins house. After their meeting, Billy was sent back to 1969 by the Weeping Angels, where he was given instructions by the Doctor to tell Sally to "look at the list." Sally meets Billy in hospital, an aged man, who gives her the message, prompting her to find the connection between the DVD's is her, as they're all 17 DVDs that she owns, before sitting with Billy as he died. Afterwards, Sally met Larry at the Wester Drumlins house, where they watched the DVD Easter egg with the Doctor, and Sally provided the other half of the conversation in trying to speak to the Doctor. However, the Weeping Angels attack them while doing so, prompting Sally to escape into the basement where she finds the TARDIS. She opens it with a key she found just after Kathy's disappearance, and steps inside, where the TARDIS recognises the existence of the DVD as a control disc. Using it, Sally enables the TARDIS to travel back to the Doctor and his companion, Martha Jones. Over the next year, Sally and Larry took over the DVD store where Larry had worked, changing it into a used book-and-DVD store. Larry wished to pursue a relationship with Sally, but she remained distant, compiling her notes on her experiences ready for the Doctor. After meeting him and Martha while they were on a separate adventure prior to their timelines doing the Wester Drumlins adventure, Sally gives the Doctor her complete notes so he can work out how to be rescued in his future. After this, Sally allows herself to pursue a relationship with Larry after realising that she was the one who had to give the Doctor the information anyway.