Martha Jones

Portrayed by: Freema Agyeman
Travelled with: Tenth Doctor
Series: Three, Four

Martha Jones studied medicine and became a student doctor at the Royal Hope Hospital under Mr. Stoker, intending to become a medical doctor in her own right before she met the Time Lord version. In the Battle of Canary Wharf, Martha lost her cousin Adeola Oshodi to the Cybermen. In 2008, Martha met a patient, John Smith, in the hospital where she was training, though she commented that she had met the patient only that morning when he was running around London taking his tie off, though the patient denied such things. When the Judoon then transported the hospital to the Moon to try and find the Plasmavore, Martha remained calm when all those around her began to panic, and she met the Doctor as the Doctor (as opposed to his patient persona), and assisted him in finding the Plasmavore. However, oxygen within the hospital began to dwindle, and Martha gave her last breaths to resuscitate the unconscious Doctor who managed to prevent the Plasmavore's plans, with the Judoon returning the hospital to Earth. Following this, the Doctor invited Martha on board the TARDIS for a one off trip as a thank you, after explaining that he was a Time Lord and he could travel through time and space.

Martha's thank you adventure took her pack in time to meet William Shakespeare, where she assisted the Doctor and Shakespeare in defeating the Carrionites in The Shakespeare Code (Series 3 : Episode 2). The Doctor then extended his offer of one trip back in time and one trip forward, taking Martha to New Earth, where she met the Face of Boe when he imparted his final message to the Doctor in Gridlock (Series 3 : Episode 3), and became concerned that she was a "rebound" companion after Rose Tyler. The Doctor then extended Martha's trip once more, taking her to 1930's New York, where she encountered the Daleks and assisted the Doctor in defeating them, before being returned home. As the Doctor prepared to leave, he overheard a TV announcement of Professor Lazarus' experiments "changing what it meant to be human", and chose to accompany Martha to the event. However, upon discovering the disastrous effects of Lazarus' work, Martha assisted the Doctor in stopping him along with her sister, Tish. Following this, the Doctor offered Martha one more trip, but she declined, not wishing to be just a passenger, prompting the Doctor to invite her to become his companion and part of the TARDIS crew, which she accepted.

Martha Jones as a medical student

After this, Martha travelled to the 42nd century Torajii system, where she helped a spaceship and crew survive nearly falling into a nearby sun, before adventuring to England, where she became disguised as a maid while the Doctor disguised himself as a human to hide from the Family of Blood in Human Nature (Series 3 : Episode 8), before having to convince the Doctor to change back and stop the Family of Blood in The Family of Blood (Series 3 : Episode 9). After investigating an old house in Wester Drumlins, the Doctor and Martha were transported back in time by the Weeping Angels, where Martha had to get a job in a shop to support them while they awaited the return of the TARDIS with the help of Sally Sparrow. After this, Martha encountered Captain Jack Harkness following a short pit-stop in Cardiff, as well as the Master in Utopia (Series 3 : Episode 11). Martha travelled back to the 21st century with the Doctor and Jack, where she was captured on the aircraft carrier, the Valiant by the Master in The Sound of Drums (Series 3 : Episode 12). After the Doctor was forcibly aged by the Master, Martha was sent to Earth with a mission, to spread the word of the Doctor and make the population of Earth say his name at one precise moment to restore him, which worked and enabled the Doctor to defeat the Master in Last of the Time Lords (Series 3 : Episode 13). As a result of Jack destroying the paradox machine the Master had built, only those on board the Valiant remember this year that never was after time was reversed. Afterwards, the Doctor wanted Martha to stay on as his companion, but she declined, deciding to "get out" of what she viewed as being an unhealthy relationship where she would hope the Doctor would notice her. However, before she left, she gave him her superphone, telling him that she would call him in the future when she needed him.

Martha Jones calls the Doctor back to Earth

Martha reunited with the Doctor during her career with UNIT, where she assisted in the defeat of the Sontarans attempted invasion of Earth alongside Donna Noble, with whom she struck an almost instant friendship. During this adventure, Martha was cloned to infiltrate UNIT, but the Doctor rescued her. After this, Martha went to say goodbye to the Doctor in the TARDIS, but was accidently caught up in another adventure when the TARDIS seemed to seek the Doctor's daughter. Here, she witnessed the 'birth' of Jenny, before being separated from the Doctor and working alongside the Hath in The Doctor's Daughter (Series 4 : Episode 6). After this, Martha was returned to Earth by the Doctor. When Earth was stolen by Davros and placed in the Medusa Cascade, Martha was working on Project Indigo with UNIT, and became one of the owners of a Osterhagen key when the Daleks invaded. However, when she was ready to use the key, she was transported to the Crucible instead, where she met the Doctor once more before assisting in defeating the Daleks, and piloting the TARDIS to return the Earth to its rightful place. Following this, Martha returned to Earth where she turned to freelance alien fighting alongside her husband, Mickey Smith. As the pair were fighting a Sontaran, the Tenth Doctor came to say goodbye, saving the duo from the Sontaran at the same time, shortly before the Tenth Doctor's regeneration.

Martha was a good-spirited, brave, friendly and intelligent person, confirmed when she was taken prisoner by the Daleks who mentioned she possessed high intelligence. Though the Doctor asked more of Martha than he has of any other companion, including walking on Earth for a year in Last of the Time Lords, and looking over him while he was disguised as a human in Human Nature and The Family of Blood, Martha rose to every challenge. Much as Rose did, Martha developed a crush for the Doctor during her travels with him and became disappointed when he fell in love with Joan Redfern during his time disguised as a human. In the year that never was, Martha did admit her love for the Doctor, though by the end of the adventure she no longer had any romantic feelings for him and went on to be engaged to Tom Milligan and later married Mickey Smith. Martha also got on well with the Doctors other companions, despite having cause to be jealous of Rose and enjoyed a good relationship with Captain Jack Harkness, not minding when he flirted with her.