Pete Tyler

Portrayed by: Shaun Dingwall
Travelled with: Tenth Doctor
Appearances: Father's Day (Series 1 : Episode 8), Series 2
Associated with: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor
Enemies encountered: Reapers, Cybermen, Daleks, The Cult of Skaro

Normal Universe

Peter Tyler, also known as Pete Tyler, appeared in Father's Day (Series 1 : Episode 8) as the jack-of-all-trades father to the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler. Peter was a budding entrepreneur, constantly involved in various money-making schemes, from trying to market solar power panels to selling flavoured health drinks named "Vitex". Most of these schemes were unsuccessful, which led to some tension in his marriage to Jackie Tyler, who accused him of cheating on her on a few occasions. Peter was killed in a hit-and-run accident when Rose was less than a year old. When Rose was travelling with the Ninth Doctor, she requested they go back in time to witness her father's death, as Jackie had told her he had died alone and Rose wished to change that by being there for him. However, when she was faced with the reality of doing this, she was unable to watch him die and saved his life instead, creating a temporal paradox that damaged time. This attracted the destructive Reapers who began to try and "sterilize" this wound in time. Peter eventually figured out that Rose was his daughter, but quickly realised by Rose's description of what an ideal father he had been that he was supposed to be dead and she was covering that fact. Rose's presence awakened Peter's paternal instincts, resulting in him sacrificing himself to save everyone and restore history, deliberately stepping out in front of the car that should have killed him in the first place. History did change slightly, this time the driver did not drive off and Rose was by his side as he died. Peter's persistent spirit and a penchant for "mad ideas" was inherited by Rose, pushing her to keep trying when all hope seemed lost.

Peter Tyler from the normal universe as Rose Tyler's father.

Parallel Universe

Peter Tyler, also known as Pete Tyler, was a wealthy businessman, head of his own company, Vitex that made soft drinks, though the company was a sub-company of Cybus Industries, owned by John Lumic. Peter was married to the parallel Jackie Tyler and though they had no children they did have a dog which they called Rose. Shortly before Jackie's 40th birthday the pair got divorced, though they kept it quiet as it would have been bad for business. As a surprise, Peter tried to throw Jackie a birthday party, but she became annoyed when he put 40 on the banner instead of 39 as she had told everyone. Peter also met with John Lumic and was told of the plans to convert everyone into Cybermen. At Jackie's party, Cybermen broke into the house and Peter escaped with the Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler and the Preachers. As they escaped, Peter revealed that he was the Preachers inside man, Gemini, secretly feeding them information on Cybus Industries. To try and stop the Cyber conversion, Peter donned fake earpods along with Rose and entered the factory to try and shut it down, though the plan failed when a Cyberman overheard a conversation between the pair. The Cyberman was revealed to have been Jackie prior to conversion, which upset Peter. Following the defeat of the Cybermen at Battersea power station, Peter escaped in the Zeppelin above the factory, and used the Sonic Screwdriver to sever the rope ladder, causing John Lumic to fall to his death.

Peter Tyler from the parallel universe that fought the Cybermen

After this, Peter joined Torchwood alongside Mickey Smith and Jake Simmonds, where they developed the technology to travel between the parallel universes. During the Battle of Canary Wharf in the normal universe, Peter and Jake saved the Doctor from being killed by a Cyberman, before asking the Doctor to help save his world, as the opening in the Void was causing a rise in temperature on his Earth. Peter fought in the battle, saving Rose's mum, Jackie Tyler, from two Cybermen, whom he talked with afterwards, though both denied they were the person they wanted the other to be. However, they finally accepted they could be with the one they loved again after hugging and kissing each other. In the Void room of the Torchwood tower, Peter teleported Jackie to his universe when the Doctor carried out his plans to seal the Void, along with Rose. Rose however, teleported back to assist the Doctor, but she lost her grip and was nearly sucked into the Void herself before Peter arrived to save her before the Void shut. Peter drove the family to Norway for Rose to say goodbye to the Doctor after their departure from each other. In later life, Peter and Jackie married each other and had a son named Tony, and they lived together with Rose in the parallel universe. When Jackie and Rose travelled back to the normal universe to fight Davros and the Daleks, Peter was tasked with taking care of Tony, though he had to return to Norway to collect Rose and Jackie when they were dropped off there by the Doctor after the adventure.