Rose Tyler

Portrayed by: Billie Piper
Travelled with: Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Series: One, Two, Four

Rose Marion Tyler was the companion of the Ninth and Tenth incarnations of the Doctor. Prior to meeting the Doctor, Rose worked as a shop assistant at Henrik's Department Store in London. Rose's first encounter with the Doctor was just after midnight on New Year's Day, 2005, though this proved to be the Tenth Doctor's last encounter with Rose prior to his regeneration. Rose mistook the Doctor to be a drunk following his encounter with radiation poisoning, though he predicted she would have a good year in 2005 when he realised that she hadn't yet met him in her timeline. Later in 2005, Rose met the Ninth Doctor when he saved her from an Auton attack at Henrik's and she subsequently helped him defeat the Nestene Consciousness. Following this, the Doctor invited her, but not her boyfriend Mickey Smith, to join him on his adventures as his companion. During the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor, Rose was taken to the end of planet Earth's life in The End of the World (Series 1 : Episode 2), to Cardiff where she met Charles Dickens in The Unquiet Dead (Series 1 : Episode 3) and Utah, where she met her first Dalek in Dalek (Series 1 : Episode 6). Rose convinced the Doctor to allow Adam Mitchell to travel with them, though following his behaviour in The Long Game (Series 1 : Episode 7), she lost interest in him.

At Rose's request, the Ninth Doctor took her back to 1987 to witness her father's death, which she then prevented causing drastic consequences and her encounter with the Reapers in Father's Day (Series 1 : Episode 8), before going into World War Two with the Ninth Doctor, where she met 51st century con-man, Captain Jack Harkness, who would also become a member of the TARDIS crew. The trio travelled to Cardiff again where Rose encountered a surviving member of the Slitheen family that she had defeated previously in Boom Town (Series 1 : Episode 11). Alongside Rose's travels, the phrase "bad wolf" followed her around everywhere, though neither she nor the Doctor could figure out why. In the year 200,100, Rose was captured by the Daleks after losing a game of The Weakest Link in Bad Wolf (Series 1 : Episode 12), though the Doctor rescued her from them in Parting of the Ways (Series 1 : Episode 13). Subsequently, the Doctor sent Rose home while he figured out how to defeat the Daleks, but Rose was not happy to leave him alone and broke into the heart of the TARDIS to save him. This resulted in her absorbing the Time Vortex into her body, which she then used to end the Last Great Time War and destroy the Daleks, but the energy then threatened to kill her, prompting the Doctor to sacrifice himself to save her. Kissing her, the Doctor took the energy from her and restored it to the TARDIS before regenerating into his Tenth incarnation.

Rose Tyler with the Tenth Doctor in Tooth and Claw

Following the Doctor's regeneration, Rose was left to help defend Earth herself after he took time to recover in The Christmas Invasion (2005 Christmas Special), before being able to continue her travels with him. With the Tenth Doctor, Rose travelled to New Earth, where she encountered Lady Cassandra for a second time, as well as meeting Queen Victoria in 1879's Scotland, who granted her the title of Dame Rose of the Powell Estate. This encounter prompted Queen Victoria to start the Torchwood Institute, which would later cause problems for both Rose and the Doctor. Following this, Rose met previous companion, Sarah Jane Smith, with who both shared intense jealousy towards each other, though both sorted out their differences and bonded well together. Rose's ex-boyfriend, Mickey Smith, also joined the TARDIS crew after this adventure and together they travelled to a parallel Earth, albeit accidentally, where she met her parallel father, Pete Tyler, alive and well. Following their defeat of the Cybermen, Mickey remained on parallel Earth, which saddened Rose. Later, Rose became involved in the Battle of Canary Wharf between the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Doctor. Initially taken to the parallel Earth for her safety, Rose again refused to abandon the Doctor, returning to assist him once more. Unfortunately, her lever slipped and she lost her grip, hurtling towards the void, before Pete arrived to take her to the parallel Earth just in time, though she became trapped there, forever without the Doctor.

Rose Tyler

Following her forced departure from the TARDIS crew, Rose helped defend the parallel Earth from alien invasion alongside Pete, her mother Jackie and Mickey. However, following the stars disappearing from the sky as part of Davros' master plan, Rose was able to travel back to the normal Earth, where she joined forces with the Doctor and his companions to defeat the Daleks. Following the defeat of Davros and the Daleks, Rose was returned to the parallel Earth with a Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor, who would age along with her.

Rose was shown to be a sympathetic, gentle and sweet young woman who proved quick to adapt to the change in circumstances once she met the Ninth Doctor. She fell easily into the role of companion to the Doctor, bravely facing numerous alien threats against her life and the Earth. Although she denied any feelings for the Doctor, when it seemed apparent that they were to be separated permanently in Doomsday (Series 2 : Episode 13), she professed her love for the Time Lord. Other than Captain Jack Harkness and River Song, Rose is one of the few companions that were willing to kill the Doctor's enemies in order to defeat them, a contrast to later companions Martha Jones and Donna Noble who both were more reluctant to do so. However, like Donna, Rose was quick to pull the Doctor up if he crossed the line, though she had a jealous streak when it came to the Doctor, becoming upset at discovering that had been previous companions. However, Rose was always willing to sacrifice herself if the Doctor needed it, as seen when she returned from the safety of the parallel Earth to assist him in Doomsday.