The Ninth Doctor

Portrayed by: Christopher Eccleston
Years active: 2005
Series: One
Companions: Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness

Following an unseen regeneration between the Eighth and Ninth incarnations of the Doctor, there isn't any reports to say how traumatic or otherwise this regeneration was for the Time Lord, though we could perhaps guess that it didn't go smoothly, noting that it happened during the Last Great Time War, where the Doctor also destroyed his own people and his planet, Gallifrey. On Earth in 2005, the Ninth Doctor acquired his companion, Rose Tyler, during an Auton invasion of Earth in Rose (Series 1 : Episode 1). After defeating the Autons, the Doctor and Rose travelled to the end of the Earth in The End of the World (Series 1 : Episode 2) and Victorian era Cardiff where they met Charles Dickens in The Unquiet Dead (Series 1 : Episode 3). The Ninth Doctor's piloting skills for the TARDIS were shown to be as equally bad as some of his predecessors when he failed to return Rose to her own time in 2005, incorrectly landing in 2006 instead. While on Earth in 2006, the Ninth Doctor met up with his old colleagues at UNIT during the Slitheen invasion in Aliens of London (Series 1 : Episode 4) and World War Three (Series 1 : Episode 5). After a trip to Utah in 2012, where the Ninth Doctor encountered his oldest enemy, a single Dalek, despite thinking them all gone in the Time War, Adam Mitchell briefly joined the TARDIS crew at Rose's behest, however Adam was expelled from the TARDIS after he used knowledge found in the year 200,000 for personal gain in The Long Game (Series 1 : Episode 7). During the Second World War in 1941, the Ninth Doctor and Rose met 51st century ex-Time Agent, Captain Jack Harkness. Following the adventure on Earth, the Doctor acquired Jack as another companion who remained with him until the end of his incarnation. Due to Jack's omnisexual nature, the Doctor and Jack got on well together, though the Doctor neither encouraged nor discouraged Jack, and did little more than playfully tease him during their adventures.

The Ninth Doctor

During a refuelling trip in Cardiff, the Doctor, Rose and Jack encountered and defeated a Slitheen survivor from their previous battle in Boom Town (Series 1 : Episode 11), during which the Doctor also acquired a Tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator for the TARDIS which was integrated into the TARDIS' control panel by Jack. After being kidnapped from the TARDIS, the Doctor found himself playing a version of Big Brother on the Game Station in the year 200,100 in Bad Wolf (Series 1 : Episode 12). During this adventure, the Doctor discovered thousands of Daleks that had escaped and survived the Time War and had rebuilt an army of Daleks, hidden at the end of the universe. He and Jack fought together against the Daleks, while Rose was sent home for her safety, though she found a way back to help rescue the Doctor from the Daleks. Unseen adventures mentioned by Clive Finch in Rose showed the Ninth Doctor had travelled for some time after his regeneration from his Eighth incarnation before meeting Rose in London. Pictures showed the Doctor in attendance in Dallas at the moment of John F. Kennedy's assassination, in Southampton the day before the Titanic set sail and in Indonesia on the day of Krakatoa's eruption.

The Ninth Doctor in The End of the World (Series 1 : Episode 2)

The Ninth Doctor was very emotional having been deeply affected by the events of the Last Great Time War, though he hid his sorrow behind a façade of sharp, offbeat wit and manic energy. However, the weight of destroying the Time Lords and the Daleks weighed heavy on his mind and he could be easily angered or saddened, being a more emotional incarnation. Consequently, the Ninth Doctor also harboured a new appreciation for the wonders of the universe and burned with new desire to keep the universe safe from harm, though he was also more adept at noticing the flaws of humanity than his previous incarnations were. Despite the Daleks standing for everything the Ninth Doctor hated, he was unable to bring himself to kill them in the Parting of the Ways (Series 1 : Episode 13) when doing so would also kill humans on Earth as well. He surrendered to being killed by the Daleks instead rather than be the killer of humanity. The Ninth Doctor was also a more violent incarnation who used minor curse words more freely than his previous incarnations, as well as physically striking guards who arrested him. The Tenth Doctor mentioned that the Ninth Doctor was angrier and pained due to being "born from war" when comparing the Meta-Crisis Doctor to his Ninth incarnation in Journey's End (Series 4 : Episode 13). After discovering a lone Dalek had survived in Dalek (Series 1 : Episode 6), the Ninth Doctor proceeded to torture it, despite the Dalek itself being helpless, continuing even after the Dalek pleaded for him to "have pity". The Doctor's hatred for the Daleks, no doubt born from the Time War, was so strong that he was told that he would make a good Dalek himself. However, despite this ruthlessness and violent side of the Ninth Doctor, he cared deeply about his companions, Rose in particular. So much so, that he was willing to let a lethal Dalek loose on Earth just to keep her safe, and was reluctant to use a missile to defeat the Slitheen in fear that Rose might also die. When the Doctor took on the Daleks again in the Parting of the Ways, the Doctor lied to Rose in order to let her be taken home by the TARDIS to keep her safe.

The Ninth Doctor with his companions, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness

The Ninth Doctor spoke with a Northern accent, and like some early incarnations, did not seem to like humans too much, referring to them as "stupid apes". The Ninth Doctor also appeared very alien in contrast to some incarnations. He didn't get on with Rose's family and friends, referring to Mickey Smith as "Mickey the idiot" or "Ricky" and did "not do domestic" which led to tensions with Rose's mother, Jackie Tyler. In a stark contrast to the Doctor's previous incarnations extravagant attire, the Ninth Doctor wore a plain black leather jacket, which made him be mistaken for a German U-boat commander in The Empty Child (Series 1 : Episode 9). He would team this with either plain black, blue, navy, green or red jumpers, which Charles Dickens thought made him look like a navvy, with dark coloured trousers. Unlike the Ninth Doctor's predecessors, who wore fob watches upon their person, the Ninth Doctor wore a black, strapped wristwatch. Also unlike his predecessors, who sported long hair, the Ninth Doctor had close-cropped hair. He also had large ears, and he also considered his nose to be large as well.

The Doctor sent Rose home for her safety, but she returned to the Game Station in the year 200,100 after looking into the heart of the Time Vortex within the TARDIS. Subsequently, the energy of the Time Vortex threatened to burn Rose up, which the Doctor did not wish to happen, so he sacrificed himself. Kissing Rose, the Ninth Doctor drew the power of the Time Vortex from her and restored it to the TARDIS before taking Rose and flying off, abandoning a recently revived Jack on the space station. However, the energy caused the Doctor to regenerate on the TARDIS, after warning Rose what would happen and noting that they were both fantastic, the Ninth Doctor regenerated into his Tenth incarnation.