Astrid Peth

Portrayed by: Kylie Minogue
Travelled with: Tenth Doctor
Appearances: 2007 Christmas Special
Associated with: N/A
Enemies encountered: Max Capricorn, Hosts

Astrid Peth was first seen in Voyage of the Damned (2007 Christmas Special) as a waitress on the Titanic space cruiser from the planet Sto. All her life Astrid dreamed of seeing other planets, hence her choice to join the Titanic as a waitress, though her status as waitress prevents her from visiting the planets the cruise ship goes to. The Doctor invites her to visit Earth with him, which she accepted, where she also met future companion Wilfred Mott in London. When she and the Doctor were teleported back to the Titanic, the Doctor noticed the last of shields before the asteroids hit, Astrid was one of the few survivors. She travelled through the ship with the Doctor, becoming close to fellow survivor Bannakaffalatta before he died along the way. Astrid asked the Doctor if she could join him as his companion, to which he accepted. When he parted to go to the Hosts controller, Astrid kissed him claiming it to be a tradition on Sto. However, Astrid then used a teleportation bracelet to go to Floor 31 and help the Doctor. There, she saw Max Capricorn attempt to kill the Doctor, but Astrid intervened. Driving a forklift truck into Max, Astrid lifted him into the air and driving him to the edge, pushing him into the burning engines below. However, one of the Hosts halos had cut the brakes on the forklift, causing Astrid to plunge to her death along with Max. The Doctor attempted to recover Astrid using the advanced transmat system, but due to the damage sustained to it, he only succeeded in creating a partially cohesive form, neither truly alive nor dead, resulting in Astrid being trapped in a non-corporeal form for all eternity. The Doctor allowed her atoms to scatter themselves into space to fulfil her dream and explore the galaxy.

Astrid Peth in Voyage of the Damned

Astrid was a feisty and curious young woman who longed for nothing more than to discover the wonders of the universe around her and setting foot on other worlds. She was absolutely thrilled when the Doctor helped her visit Earth, though she appeared to be unhappy in her job as a waitress on the cruise ship Titanic and was obviously hurt by Rickston's harsh words toward her. Astrid formed a close bond with Bannakaffalatta and was distraught when he chose to sacrifice himself to destroy the Host threatening them. She also experienced romantic feelings for the Doctor, kissing him twice and ultimately sacrificing her life to save him. Astrid was granted a second chance at life by the Doctor, who kissed her farewell and allowed her to live on as stardust to forever travel the cosmos.