Max Capricorn

Max Capricorn appeared in Voyage of the Damned (2007 Christmas Special) as the master mind behind the Titanic spaceship disaster. Max was 176 years old and been running the company that owned the Titanic for over 100 years. As a result, Max had been turned into a cyborg in order to stay alive, with only his head visibly human, with a trademark gold glint from one of his teeth. Due to a prejudice against cyborgs at that time, Max was voted out of running the company by the company’s board of directors. As a result, Max formulated a plan to sabotage the Titanic, killing the 2000 people on board, and crash the ship onto planet Earth, wiping out all life on Earth.

Max Capricorn being confronted by the Doctor

Max was assisted by the Heavenly Host, who helped him damage the Titanic and also went round killing the surviving passengers and crew before the ship crashed on Earth. If his plan had succeeded, Max intended to sell his shares in the company and retire, while the board of directors who had voted him out would be arrested for mass-murder. Max was stopped when Astrid Peth drove a forklift truck into him, forcing him off the edge of a platform and into the ships engines where they both perished. Control of the Hosts, who had been taking the command of Max as the highest authority, switched to the Doctor, as the next highest authority on board.

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