The Host were first seen in Voyage of the Damned (2008 Christmas Special) as angelic messengers on board the space cruiser, the Titanic. The Hostís were under the command of the highest authority on board the Titanic, Max Capricorn, and obeyed his orders. When the ship was hit by meteorites (a deliberate attempt to destroy the ship), the Host were ordered to kill anyone who was left alive on board. As the Doctor attempted to reach the bridge of the ship, the Host repeatedly attempted to stop and kill him. A number of Hostís were destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse by Bannakaffalatta, at the cost of his own life.

The Host's in flight

The Host were capable of flight, though their wings did not move during this process, and had a speech pattern that made every sentence begin with ďInformationĒ. The Hostís weaponry consisted of halos on their heads, which they used to throw at their enemies to kill them. Though the Hostís had to follow the orders of the highest authority on board the Titanic, these orders could be over ridden by activating ďProtocol 1Ē, which allowed the person who initiated the protocol to ask 3 questions. Once the 3 questions had been answered, the Hostís would go back to carrying out their previous orders. When not moving or attempting to kill the guests on board, the Host stood with their arms in front of them, hands together as if in a sort of prayer.<

A line of Host's

Although the Host were enemies due to their attempts to kill everyone left alive on the Titanic, they were only following orders given to them by Max Capricorn. When Max was killed by Astrid, the Hostís took the orders of the next highest authority on the ship, which was the Doctor. Under the Doctorís orders, the Host assisted in helping the Doctor reach the bridge of the ship to help Alonso save the Titanic from crashing on Earth and causing the extinction of life on Earth.