Series 5 (2010)

Episode title: Flesh and Stone
Featuring: Eleventh Doctor
Companions: Amy Pond, River Song
First shown: 1st May 2010
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Guide: The episode picks up where the previous one left off (naturally in a two-part story), the Doctor shoots the gravity ball and the group escape into the confines of the Byzantium and must now work their way through the ship to safety from the Weeping Angels. The Angels follow them into the ship and the group escape into the secondary control room and then into the ship’s oxygen factory. Before they all leave however, the Doctor notices a crack in the wall, as seen all series so far since The Eleventh Hour. Catching up with the rest of the group, the Doctor finds Amy struggling with the image of the Angel in her mind.

The Weeping Angels get inside the ship.

Amy is instructed to close her eyes to halt the effects of the Angel in her mind while the Doctor and River continue onwards to the other control room on the other side of the ship’s oxygen factory, leaving four of the clerics to protect Amy from the Weeping Angels. The guards notice a light in the forest and go to investigate it one by one. As each goes, they disappear and only Amy can remember them until she is left all alone. Octavian sacrifices himself so that the Doctor and River can reach the control room, where they instruct Amy to make her way to them with her eyes closed.

The Doctor, River and Amy as they tell Amy struggles with the Angel in her mind.

As Amy makes her way to the Doctor and River, she walks into a large gathering of Weeping Angels, but they do not know that she is effectively blind until she trips over and they begin to attack. At the same moment, River is able to fix the teleport system and teleports Amy to the control room with her and the Doctor. The Doctor works out that to close the ever widening crack in space and time, they must feed it a complicated space-time event, such as himself or all of the Weeping Angels together. The Angels intend to use the Doctor to close the crack but he has other plans. He tells River and Amy to hold on tight to something as the gravity in the ship fails and the Angels fall into the crack, closing it and wiping them from the timelines. As the Weeping Angel that got inside Amy’s mind now no longer existed, Amy is cured. The Doctor and River locate the date of the explosion which created the crack in time to be the 26th June 2010. The episode ends with River being arrested by the clerics again. She says it’s for “killing the best man” she’d ever known, but promises the Doctor that they will meet again when the Pandorica opens. He dismisses this as the Pandorica is a fairytale as far as he is concerned and takes Amy home, where she reveals she is to marry Rory the next day, the 26th June 2010.

This episode is a concluding episode of a two part storyline. You can read the first episode guide of the two parter by clicking here.

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