Amy Pond

Portrayed by: Karen Gillian
Travelled with: Eleventh Doctor
Series: Five, Six

Starting out as a 7 year old orphan, Amelia Pond meets the Doctor when he crash lands in her garden, after she prays for someone to come and help her with a crack in her bedroom wall. She finds the Doctor amusing but asks him to help look at her bedroom wall. He inspects, but has to run off as the TARDIS is damaged from the regeneration process as well. Amelia is let down by the Doctor when he says he will be back in “5 minutes” and isn’t. Amelia ends up seeing four psychiatrists because she insists the Doctor is real, yet no one believes her. At the age of 19, Amelia, now Amy, is working as a kissogram (because the job was “a laugh”) before meeting the Doctor again when he does finally return and helps him defeat the Atraxi. She is let down again by him when he says he will be right back, and isn’t. She waits 2 more years before finally being invited on board the TARDIS for travels, but she makes the Doctor promise that they will be back by the next morning, for (though she does not tell the Doctor this immediately) she is getting married the next day to Rory Williams.

Amy Pond - The Eleventh Hour.

Amy’s first journey was onto the Starship UK (Series 5 : Episode 2) in which she travels to the future. She shows compassion for the beast below the ship and forcibly releases it from the torturous bounds the humans placed on it, though she angers the Doctor in her choice to forget something to save him having to make a choice himself. Amy’s second adventure takes her back to the Second World War cabinet rooms with Winston Churchill, where she has her first encounter with the Daleks, though she does not remember the events of Journey’s End (Series 4 : Episode 13) with the Daleks, which concerns the Doctor. In her third journey she meets River Song, and, much to the Doctor’s annoyance, comments on the relationship between River and the Doctor. After the events in Flesh and Stone (Series 5 : Episode 5), Amy tries to seduce the Doctor, though he spurns her advances.

Amy Pond, River Song and the Eleveth Doctor - The Time of Angels.

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to Venice for a date so that they can be together, where Amy discovers how deep her feelings are for Rory afterwards in the episode Amy’s Choice (Series 5 : Episode 7) where she chooses to die in one reality in the hope of it being the false reality and being able to see Rory in the other. When Rory is fatally wounded and erased from time at the end of Cold Blood (Series 5 : Episode 9) she forgets Rory and her impending marriage completely. The Doctor takes her to all of her favourite places to make up for it as he feels guilty as Rory was shot taking a bullet for the Doctor.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams - The Pandorica Opens.

At the end of Series 5, Amy’s thoughts are used to construct the Pandorica and the Roman setting by the Doctor’s enemies, including bringing Rory back as an Auton (though he does not realise that he is an Auton till the end of the episode (The Pandorica Opens (Series 5 : Episode 12)). Amy cannot remember Rory to begin with, but when she does she is shot because of Rory’s Auton programming, and placed in the Pandorica with the Doctor’s help (The Big Bang (Series 5 : Episode 13)). Amelia (the young Amy) helps to revive the adult Amy with her DNA on the Pandorica, where they both then assist the Doctor in restoring the universe. The universe is restored at the cost of the Doctor’s life, and he is erased from Amy’s memories when he steps into one of the cracks in time and space to seal them. Time fast forwards to see Amy finally marry a now human Rory, though she feels as it something is missing. She remembers the Doctor, from words he spoke to her during his own life re-wind, and the power of such brings him back with both of their memories fully restored. Amy joins the Doctor once again at the end of The Big Bang, although it is mentioned in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode “Death of the Doctor” that the married couple are dropped off on a “honeymoon planet” after the events in The Big Bang.

Amy Pond getting married - The Big Bang.

In Series 6, Amy returns in A Christmas Carol (2010 Christmas Special) with Rory on their honeymoon onboard a crashing spaceship. Dressed in her police woman’s outfit, Amy is unable to assist the Doctor while he works to save the ships. After this, Amy and Rory travelled with the Doctor for a period of time before returning home for two months before receiving an invitation to the Utah deserts. There, along with River, Amy bore witness to the Doctor’s death, and assisted in disposing of his body. Amy also told the Doctor she was pregnant, but then retracts the statement without explanation, while scans by the Doctor prove inconclusive. The relationship between Amy and her husband Rory turns slightly in The Curse of the Black Spot (Series 6 : Episode 3) when Rory becomes infected and forcibly attracted to the Siren. Amy plays protective to keep him from going after the Siren but fails when Rory is thrown overboard and begins to drown where the Doctor sends the Siren after him. Amy then took custody of Rory from the Siren, citing her marriage to him as a good enough reason to do so. Rory teaches Amy how to perform CPR to save him once they take him off life support, which she successfully does. In The Almost People (Series 6 : Episode 6), it is revealed that Amy has actually been a flesh avatar since the beginning of Series 6, having been kidnapped while pregnant and about to go into labour. Amy woke up imprisoned and in labour before giving birth to Melody Pond. Amy insisted that the Doctor was coming for them in A Good Man goes to War (Series 6 : Episode 7) and was reunited with her baby when Rory saved her. When the headless monks attacked however, Amy had to hide with Melody to protect the baby, but was then distraught when it was revealed that Madame Kovarian had switched the baby Melody for a flesh avatar Melody that Amy had. Amy was left on Demon’s Run when the Doctor went off in the TARDIS to find their daughter and angrily confronted River with a gun. When River explained who she was, Amy and Rory were both shocked to find that River is their daughter Melody.

The flesh avatar Amy while searching for the Silence in Day of the Moon (Series 6 : Episode 2)