Series 6 (2011)

Episode title: Day of the Moon
Featuring: Eleventh Doctor
Companions: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song
First shown: 30th April 2011
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Guide: Three months since the end of The Impossible Astronaut, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse. The Doctor is being imprisoned in Area 51 under Canton’s orders, while Canton himself tracks down Amy, Rory and River. As Canton finds each of the Doctor’s companions, he shoots them dead and brings their bodies to lie in the Doctor’s prison. As Canton seals the prison from the inside, Amy and Rory emerged from their body bags as the Doctor releases himself. The TARDIS, invisible once more, is also inside the prison, which the four go into to rescue River, who chose to jump from a building rather than be shot by Canton. Separately, they all attempted to find out more about the Silence, a feat hampered by the fact that they cannot remember encountering them. As such, each companion had tally markings all over their body whenever they had an encounter with the Silence. The Doctor chooses to implant a communications device within each of their hands which can record audio of their meetings with the Silence so that they can remember the encounter. The Doctor asks Amy about her pregnancy, to which she replies that she was mistaken.

Canton about to shoot Amy

The Doctor goes off to alter a component of the Apollo 11 spaceship while Canton and Amy go off to an orphanage in the hope of finding out where the girl in the spacesuit came from. Canton deals with the caretaker, who believes it to be 1967 as opposed to 1969 while Amy searches the house and finds a nest of sleeping Silence. Amy leaves the room and searches elsewhere, finding a room that contains photographs of herself holding a baby and photographs of the girl from the spacesuit. The girl in the spacesuit also enters the room, followed by the Silence who abduct Amy and remove her audio device. Canton shoots a Silence before calling the Doctor to help. Though too late to save Amy, they find her audio device which is transmitting what she’s saying. The Doctor then looks at the wounded Silence, and has flashbacks to when he has previously heard about them. Canton takes the wounded Silence to the prison in Area 51 while River examines the now empty spacesuit that housed the girl. She finds that its life support system would have phoned the highest authority when in trouble, which is why the little girl could phone the President, as the highest authority of the United States.

Amy finds a Silence nest, with tally markings of her encounters all over her body

Back in Area 51, Canton interrogates the wounded Silence, and records it on Amy’s mobile phone with the video function. The Silence mocks humanity for treating his wounds when they should “kill us all on sight”. The Doctor finally uses Amy’s audio device to track her location to the control room Amy and Rory found as the Apollo 11 spaceship is about to land on the moon. The Doctor shows them the televised broadcast of the moon landing but uses his modification to one of the components to broadcast Canton’s recording of the Silence from Area 51 in the middle of the moon landing. The Doctor tells the Silence that they will now be driven off the planet as humans now turn on them whenever they see them. The Silence try to attack but River and the Doctor hold them off while Rory helps Amy into the TARDIS, before they all escape. The Doctor takes Canton back to the President, who assures the Doctor that Canton will be allowed to marry as he wished, though it is then revealed that Canton wished to marry a man which led to him being kicked out of the FBI in the first place. River is returned to her prison cell and rejects an offer to travel with the Doctor. She kisses him, but then gets sad when she finds out that it was the first time the Doctor had kissed her, and was therefore the last time she would kiss the Doctor. Amy reveals that she told the Doctor she was pregnant as she had fears that any baby she had would be affected by her travels in the TARDIS. As the Doctor, Amy and Rory set off, the Doctor decides to do a pregnancy scan on Amy.

Six months later, a homeless man in New York finds the young girl from the spacesuit. The girl says that she is dying, but that it’s ok and she can fix it, and begins to regenerate.

This episode is a concluding episode of a two part storyline. You can read the first episode guide of the two parter by clicking here.

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