Mickey Smith

Portrayed by: Noel Clarke
Travelled with: Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Appearances: Series One, Series Two, Series Four

Mickey Smith was first seen in Rose (Series 1 : Episode 1) as Rose Tyler's bumbling, cowardly boyfriend before meeting the Doctor. Mickey was brought up by his grandmother after his father left his mother at an early age, while his mother passed away. His grandmother, Rita-Anne Smith, died five years prior to first meeting the Doctor, her death caused by a tear in the carpet on the stairs which Mickey had meant to fix but never gotten round to doing so, leaving him with feelings of guilt for years after. In 2005, Mickey was an average working class young man who lived on the same estate as Rose until he was caught up with the Auton invasion. While Rose was investigating more about the Doctor following her first meeting with him, Mickey was kidnapped by the Autons so the Autons could replace him with their replica to gain intelligence on the Doctor. Throughout the Doctor and Rose's confrontation with the Nestene Consciousness, Mickey seemed in a state of paralysed fear. This cowardice, and distrust for alien things, did not impress the Doctor, who made it clear that Mickey was not invited to travel with him if Rose went along. When Rose went with the Doctor and did not return for a year, Mickey was made a prime suspect in her murder inquiry by the police and was interviewed 5 times, though not arrested due to a lack of evidence. Mickey spent the year researching the Doctor on the internet, taking over the website formally run by Clive before his death and often filling it with angry rants about the Doctor. Because Jackie believed Mickey to be the murderer of her daughter, she turned the estate against him leaving Mickey feeling isolated, leading Mickey to be one of the last to know of Rose's return, only finding out in the evening. Rose convinced Mickey that she was sorry that she had been away so long and that it wasn't intended and the two reconciled.

Mickey Smith when his early alien fighting life

Although the Doctor was still dismissive of Mickey upon his second meeting of him, Mickey was called upon to assist the Doctor when he and Rose became trapped in 10 Downing Street during the Slitheen invasion. Mickey bravely defended Jackie against a Slitheen, despite what had happened between them, and, following the Doctor's orders, launched a missile at 10 Downing Street, killing the remaining Slitheen. Mickey was then offered a place to join the TARDIS crew but declined, stating that the lifestyle was too much for him, and he received a CD containing a computer virus to remove all trace of the Doctor from the internet, though it is not known whether he used it or not. When Rose returned to Cardiff, Mickey met her with her passport and other items for her and stated that he had begun dating Trisha Delaney, though whether this was to make Rose jealous or whether it was true is unknown. However he did make it clear that he wasn't happy with putting his life on pause and dropping everything whenever Rose dropped by and bitterly walked away from the TARDIS at the end of the adventure without saying goodbye. However, despite this Mickey still helped Rose return to the Doctor after she was sent home when the Daleks began invading the game station. After Rose said that there was nothing left for her on the estate, Mickey swallowed his pride and used both his car, and a borrowed tow truck to open the TARDIS console so Rose could return to the Doctor.

Mickey Smith with the Tenth Doctor shortly after his regeneration in The Christmas Invasion

After the Doctor's regeneration into his Tenth incarnation, Mickey again assisted him and Rose in defeating the Sycorax before, despite being evidently unhappy, seeing them off on their travels once more. Mickey continued his investigations into alien activity on Earth, renaming his website 'Defending the Earth' and soliciting help from other enthusiasts online, with his investigations twice seeing him run into Torchwood operations. During the course of his investigations, Mickey discovered alien activity at Deffry Vale High School and called the Doctor and Rose into assist. Here, Mickey met Sarah Jane Smith for the first time and was amused to have his suspicions that the Doctor had travelled with other companions before Rose confirmed. However, when he was then introduced to K9 Mark III, he couldn't help but draw a parallel between his role and that of the computer dog. After Mickey assisted in evacuating the school, the Doctor agreed to take him on as a member of the TARDIS crew. In his first adventure into space, he was delighted to be taken to a futuristic spaceship on his first trip. When the TARDIS fell through a crack in the Time Vortex sending it into a parallel world, Mickey met his counterpart, Ricky, as well as his parallel grandmother who hadn't died. When Ricky was killed before Mickey's eyes, Mickey became a braver person and was responsible for the saving both Rose and the Doctor in the fight against the Cybermen. After the battle, and aiding the escape from Battersea power station, Mickey chose to remain behind on the parallel Earth, feeling uneasy about his place in the normal universe and on the TARDIS crew. One of his first actions was to head to Paris with Jake Simmonds to stop the Cybermen there.

Mickey Smith with his wife, Martha Jones in The End of Time part 2

Mickey spent three years fighting the Cybermen on the parallel Earth before he returned to the normal universe when the Cybermen invaded. Mickey successfully infiltrated Torchwood One and worked undercover, where he worked to ensure Rose's safety. However, when the Void ship opened to reveal Daleks instead of the Cyber-Leader he had been expecting, Mickey's skills were put to the test when he ended up fighting in the Battle of Canary Wharf. Mickey accidentally caused the Genesis Ark to open after touching it when falling, but the Doctor thanked him for it. Following the battle, Mickey returned to the parallel Earth where he was joined by Rose and Jackie. When Rose returned to the normal universe after Davros and the Daleks began their reality bomb, Mickey followed to join the fight, arriving a few days after the normal universes Earth was relocated to the Medusa Cascade, where he saved Sarah Jane's life, whom he accompanied aboard the Crucible, where he was also reunited with Captain Jack Harkness, however Rose and Mickey had little interaction during the adventure, suggesting possible estrangement. After the Earth was restored to its rightful place, Mickey chose to leave the TARDIS and remain on the normal Earth. He had a tearful goodbye with Jackie, but did not appear to say goodbye to Rose, even telling the Doctor that there was nothing left for him on the parallel Earth anymore and "certainly not Rose". He then ran to catch up with Jack and Martha Jones as they prepared to leave for their own adventures. In later life, Mickey chose to go into "freelance" alien fighting and convinced Martha to join him, whom he later married. As he and Martha tracked a Sontaran, the Sontaran was able to get them within his crosshairs before the Tenth Doctor saved them as he visited briefly before his regeneration.

Mickey was originally shown to be a bumbling coward with his capture by the Autons and initial trip across London in the TARDIS greatly shaking and disturbing him. He displayed a great deal of resentment towards the Doctor when they next met for causing him to be considered a murderer, though he seemed braver, attempting to hold off a Slitheen so that Jackie could escape. Mickey reached a turning point when he witnessed Ricky's death on the parallel Earth, making him bolder and braver by the experience, in which Mickey then played a crucial part in the Cybermen defeat. When the Cybermen crossed over into the normal universe, Mickey was the first one to follow them, risking himself greatly when he went undercover within the Torchwood One facility. During battle with the Daleks on the Crucible, Mickey even held the Dalek creator Davros at gunpoint. Despite his original cowardly ways, Mickey developed to go into the "freelance" alien fighting alongside Martha, actively pursuing dangerous aliens such as Sontarans.

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