A Column of Hope - About the Author

Hiya guys. So here's a little bio about myself that I've written. Hope you like it - gettit?
My name is Hope. Iím a Theatre major, Creative Writing minor at the University of West Georgia. Unlike my counterpart on this website, Iím an American. Iím new to Doctor Who and Iíve only been a fan for about four years. But I love it. I adore this show. When I first watched it, I was struck by the genius of the writing and the story. My first episode was ďGirl in the Fireplace,Ē and my second episode was ďBlink.Ē As you can see, my first Doctor was David Tennant, and heís still my favorite. Iím most familiar with the new series, but I have dabbled in the old one as well.

Iím a geek in every since of the word. Iím a staff member for a humanitarian group called the Harry Potter Alliance and a strong advocate for Wizard Wrock. I love video games and comics when Iím not in the theatre, and Iíve grown up watching anime. My favorite authors are Garth Nix and J.K. Rowling. Some of my other favorite television shows include The Office, Ace of Cakes, Ghost Hunters, Torchwood, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and others. I have a youtube vlog that I update regularly with geeky things as well as my own personal blog. I hope you all enjoy my work.