Sara Kingdom

Portrayed by: Jean Marsh
Travelled with: First Doctor
Appearances: Classic Series
Associated with: Steven Taylor, Katarina
Enemies encountered: Daleks

Sara Kingdom was a companion of the First Doctor as a member of the SSS, the Space Security Service. Sara turned against Mavic Chen, the guardian of the Solar System who had turned traitor, to join forced with the Doctor and companion Steven Taylor to defeat Chen and his allies, the Daleks. Sara was the sister of fellow SSS agent, Bret Vyon that the Doctor found on Kembel and was gradually convinced of his own suspicions against Chen. Sara travelled with the Doctor and Steven on a short, stress-free trip to long-ago Earth in The Daleks’ Master Plan (Classic Series). During the battle against the Daleks, the Daleks turned against the traitor Chen and killed him. Chen himself had intended to betray the Daleks before his death. The Doctor activated the Time Destructor after returning to Kembel to finally stop the Daleks, ordering his companions, Steven and Sara back to the TARDIS for their own protection. However, concerned that his plan might fail, Sara chose to follow the Doctor and became caught in the field of the Time Destructor. Being human instead of Time Lord, Sara aged to death while the Doctor and Steven looked on helplessly as her body turned to dust.

Sara Kingdom, a companion of the First Doctor

Sara was independent, ruthless and aggressive in her pursuit of what was right with a single-mindedness that would blind her to the larger implications of her orders. However, meeting the Doctor changed this and she turned her skills and intellect to assist the defeat of the Daleks. Alongside Sara, her brother Bret and fellow ally Katarina were killed during the battle with the Daleks in The Daleks’ Master Plan. These deaths caused Steven to later confront the Doctor about the violence that appeared to follow the Time Lord in The Massacre (Classic Series).