Portrayed by: Adrienne Hill
Travelled with: First Doctor
Appearances: Classic Series
Associated with: Vicki Pallister, Steven Taylor, Sara Kingdom
Enemies encountered: Daleks

Katarina was a companion of the First Doctor following the departure of Vicki Pallister. Katarina worshipped the Doctor as the god Zeus after her background as a Trojan servant. As a young woman, Katarina was the servant of Cassandra, Princess of Troy. She was sent to spy on the Doctor and his companions, Steven Taylor and in particular, Vicki, whom Cassandra knew by the name of Cressida. Cassandra ordered Katarina to gather evidence that Vicki was a spy for the Greeks. In the course of this duty, Katarina befriended Vicki, who would send her to help the Doctor get Steven back to the TARDIS after the later was injured by a spear. There, she helped nurse Stevenís wounds, before joining Steven and the Doctor on their adventures in The Myth Makers (Classic Series). Katarina never fully understood what was going on with the TARDIS and her adventures because she came from a simpler time, mistaking the Doctor for the god Zeus and the TARDIS as the Palace of Perfection, despite the Doctor stating the opposite to her.

Katarina, a companion of the First Doctor

In the Daleksí Master Plan (Classic Series), the criminal Kirksen held Katarina hostage in an airlock in an attempt to blackmail the Doctor into returning to the traitor Mavic Chenís ship, the Spar, where they would return to the planet Kembel and the Daleks. Katarina used what little knowledge she had to activate the airlock door, expelling both herself and Kirksen into space, killing them both and making Katarina to be the first companion of the Doctorís to die while travelling with him. Katarina had been convinced her death was foretold and that she had been doomed to die. Following the death of Katarina and fellow allies, Sara Kingdom and Bret Vyon, Steven confronted the Doctor about the amount of death that followed them around with Katarinaís sacrifice no doubt weighing on his mind in The Massacre (Classic Series).