DW4N Forum Rules
DW4N Forum Rules || Version 1.2 || Last updated: 30th June 2011

At DW4N we have few rules as we want to encourage you to freely express yourselves around the forum. However, we do need some rules to ensure that everything is fair for everyone and so that we have a standard to work to. As such, we ask that you follow the rules listed below.

Do Not (these are musts and may result in warns being issued against you):

*Flame other members - insulting other members is strictly prohibited at the DW4N forums. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

*Swear - we wish to be a family friendly forum, suitable for most ages, so please try to refrain from using swear words.

*Abuse the PM system - PMs may be logged to ensure that the rules of the forum are adhered to, as well as other laws.

Try Not (these are not musts, but we'd appreciate it if you didn't do these):

*Spamming - spam posts can annoy people, so try to refrain from doing so, but don't let it stop you from posting if you want.

*Have a signature excessive in size - by this we mean signature's which stretch the page and break the layout, or cause the layout to become distorted. We've tried to chose a nice wide forum layout to accommodate wide signatures, but please dont' go crazy on them. At the same time, please don't chose high signatures that require lots of scrolling to read through before people can view the next post if possible.

*There's a time and a place for advertising - we don't want to stamp out people advertising, after all it's the only way forums and websites can compete on the Internet, but there's a time and a place for it. Advertise in your signatures, and the appropiate forums in the Community sections of the site, but not in every post. Also please don't PM other members with advertisments.

Do (again, not a must, but here for the cliché than anything else):

*Have fun - otherwise what's the point of anything, if you're not having fun doing it?

We hope you enjoy your stay on the DW4N forums, if you need any help, the Administrators and Moderators will be more than happy to assist you. You might need to wake them up first, but they'll be happy to help.

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