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Make way for the Irish!
Hello... Jen here (never wuda guessed ha)

Joined via Jonny.

Met Jonny at No Limits Racing last year when my other half was racing against Jonny.

Come from a bike background myself...
My dad road raced in Ireland back in the 80s against all the greats.
We continued to attend after he gave it up and I grew up in the road racing paddock.
Dad went back track racing in around 02 but had lots of crashes. The last one in Aberdare park when he hit a tree.
since has started back on trackdays.

Now im with my husband to be (2weeks to go) who also loves bikes... match made in heaven (if we believed in that).
Im a Project Engineer in Tyco, Oil & Gas in Norfolk.
Here 3.5 years. Have an 11 month old son who has already gotten his first bike.



(10-02-2014, 08:33 PM)Jen Wrote: Now im with my husband to be

The poor c*nt Big Grin
Current bikes: '06 Honda VTR1000 SP2
Previous bikes: '04 Yamaha YZF-R6 | '06 Honda CBR1000RR | '98 Honda VTR1000F | '01 Suzuki SV650S | '99 Suzuki SV650S | '93 Honda CB400

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Ah here he is
Welcome aboard
TO many crash test monkeys to list
welcome aboard
All the gear, No idea.

[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Too many to remember
Glad we sorted it out for you eventually Jen. Welcome to the site. Smile
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Croft 2005, Cadwell 2006, Cadwell 2007
Welcome, welcome
welcome to the madhouse!
Welcome Jen
Are you guys off to Silverstone for the last round of nolimits on the 11th 12th Oct ?
Our team did the endurance with them at Rockingham for the first time after racing for 5 years with Hottrax.
We've entered silverstone so mmay see you all there, I do believe their having a party Smile
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg]
Cadwell 2011/ Angelsey2011/ Cadwell 2013 (this one hurt) and retired me Sad
Hello Jen and welcome

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