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Hello all,

Brand new member from NW England.

Have jacked in the road bike due to kids and the wife thinking too unsafe, but have been given permission to take up track bike.

complete newbie to the track so any words of wisdom welcome.

Also on the hunt for a good track bike package if anyone selling.

I'd love to help, but am a bit to far out of the loop with trackbikes as it's more years than I care to remember since I stopped doing trackdays in favour of trail bikes/ enduro - and a fair few years since then!

Best advice I can give you is get instruction if you can (even if it's just a few laps with on the day with an instructor).
Get a decent track bike which will be reliable. Run track fairings etc and take spares (and fuel) with you.
Spend money on suspension set up and brakes before power.
If possible van the bike to the days. Much easier as it gives you a base if you cant get into a garage.
Budget for tyres. Decent rubber makes a hell of a difference and you will go through tyres every few days.
Don't try to run before you can walk. Ease into the sessions and the groups. Speed will come pretty quickly so no need to push.

Main thing ... Enjoy it. Above all else have fun because it's a great craic.
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