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Testing and Reviewing a Mio Cyclo 315 Bike GPS/ Sat Nav
**Note, This review is now in my Internationally acclaimed blog ( Wink ) , with more product reviews to follow. Either read on, or check the review out in the blog :

Thanks. **

As the title says - I've been asked to test and review a Mio Cylco 315 GPS/ Sat Nav by my local bike shop - High Peak Cycles in Glossop. (Website: and Facebook: )

I use a Garmin Edge 200 and a TomTom Cardio Runner watch. My intention is to run all three devices together and compare them as they are all different price points with different pro's and con's. This will hopefully give a reasonable insight into what the Mio is capable of and whether or not that is worth considering.

[Image: IMG_20150719_153431_zpsbtiot46f.jpg]

I picked the unit up on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I unpacked everything and hooked the Mio upto my laptop.

[Image: IMG_20150719_153610_zps80a3wkgs.jpg]

It runs full mapping, so I knew if it needed an update it may want a while to download. It did (o/s and mapping) so I left it to it.

[Image: IMG_20150719_164018_zpscevaazzg.jpg]

Just so you get an idea of the size of the Mio unit, this is the small Garmin, a standard train ticket and the Mio. The Mio is a good size. Not too big, but large enough for the Sat Nav element to work very well.

[Image: IMG_20150723_070451_zpshgeax8ia.jpg]

Whilst the maps were being downloaded I went to the Mioshare website and created an account. It only took a couple of minutes. There is a feature here where you can click to link to online accounts like Strava. I clicked this and authorised linking to Strava, so future rides would be uploaded automatically. Nice.

There is also a help section where you can find a FULL and very detailed USER MANUAL*. Take a few seconds to look at this as it covers EVERYTHING and you will be amazed with features the Mio has which you would never find otherwise!
*To get to the manual - When looking at the MioShare webpage click on your username. From the Drop Down Menu choose 'HELP' and then Click on the picture of your Cyclo 310/315. A very detailed PDF User Manual will now load for you to read.  

Once the mio had updated I was ready to go.

I registered the maps/unit and linked it to my Mioshare Account.

The software works just like Garmin software.
It has 'CycloAgent' which is the same as 'Garmin Express'. That is what links to the Mio unit when you plug in via USB.
It then syncs and uploads data immediatelly to Mioshare and with a small delay to Strava. (Just as Garmin Express does to Garmin Connect and Strava).
So, if you have used other GPS units you will be familiar with the set up. If not, it's simple and much of a muchness.

So, all of ^^ that done and I was left to play with the unit itself and set up a user profile. It is quite intuitive and easy to navigate. I set up my 'Kingy' profile and altered units from metric to imperial and other little changes just by pressing buttons which bodes well.

[Image: IMG_20150722_111112_zpsi1lkbpjf.jpg]

The Mio unit feels solid in hand. The USB connection (on the back) is strong and well fitting with a very good cover that it easy to open close (and not fiddly like the Garmin Edge 200).

[Image: IMG_20150722_111118_zpsyr0snndv.jpg]

I also had a play with the cadence equipment. Unfortunately the bike I want to use this with (Canondale Synapse Carbon 105) has recessed pedal cranks and multi surface spokes - so won't suit any off the shelf cadence kit. I did get everything but the spoke magnet fitted though, so if I get chance I'll pop into the bike shop and see if they have one to suit as I'd like to try that if I get chance.

There is also a chest strap for heart rate. I will try that at one point just to see how it fits and the recorded stats. My TomTom Cardio watch uses a laser system to measure heart rate without a strap so if I get chance I can see if they both agree.

[Image: IMG_20150722_111205_zpsgjvgxl7v.jpg]

I fitted the extended bracket to my bars (one allen key bolt) and locked the Mio inplace. I'd recommend the extended bracket as it puts the Mio at an ideal viewing point when following its directions.

Playtime over and come Tuesday I got to use the Mio for the first time. First run was a standard ride into work. The unit got GPS lock quickly and I just hit record before I set off and stop when I was at work. Simple. It recorded the route perfectly and stats were almost identical to the Garmin once uploaded (side by side) to Strava to compare. So, no problem just recording rides and uploading.
You can also choose to hold your activities on the unit if you want to look over them. These are details from our 'High Peak Cycles Mio Wednesday night ride' over  The Woodhead Pass /Strines Road and Snake Pass which was a good challenge.  

[Image: IMG_20150722_111139_zpskc1pootf.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150723_063335_zpsobv0lxfu.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150723_063348_zpssjwjq8ez.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150723_063402_zps54zmg6cx.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150723_063419_zpsb0xjh304.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150723_063502_zpsexuxix5y.jpg]

Tuesday night and I decided to try out a very cool feature on the Mio. I often decide to go for a ride but then deliberate about where to ride as I'm fed up with the same old routes. The Mio has a 'Surprise me' option. You can use it based on time or distance and within loops, using points of interest, points on the map, addresses or favourites.

[Image: IMG_20150722_111221_zps5hjllkf9.jpg]

I kept it simple and chose to do a 'Workout' of 22 miles with an average speed of 14 mph. Yes, a very steady one after a long day at work! The Mio calculated two routes (18 miles or 36 miles) and asked if I wanted to do either one. I chose the 18 mile route which it gave an estimated time of 1 hour 34 mins.

I hit 'GO' and we were off.

... I was going for a bike ride my Mio Sat Nav had arranged and was now guiding me! Madness! Big Grin

[Image: IMG_20150721_195413_zpsd7s4dnud.jpg]

It took a couple of miles to get used to the big, clear display and then it was very easy to follow. It gave countdown to turns so you could see the distance reducing and also backlit and zoomed out for junctions so you were fully aware of where you needed to go. I found that as I had no idea (other than the next mile or so) where I was going I relaxed more than normal and just enjoyed the ride. A definite benefit!

[Image: IMG_20150721_195303_zpsmbugbsc1.jpg]

The route it chose ended up being a nice little challenge and used some great quiet country roads. Final stats were:
20.3 miles (longer as I rode home and not back to my start point)
1 hour 20 mins (Shorter as I averaged 15.3 mph)
2,060 feet of elevation - So some nice climbs on route.

I got back, fired up the laptop, connected the Mio (no delay now as its all set up). It uploaded to Mioshare and showed me routes and stats, then a few minutes later it had auto uploaded to Strava. Nice and simple.

This is the MioShare page with some basic route details:

[Image: IMG_20150723_063202_zps6hoikpbl.jpg]

You also have lot's of data on the Mio unit itself. You can see stats for the day/ week/ month etc. This is the summary of my first week using the Mio which combines five rides (Tues to Thurs) ...

[Image: IMG_20150723_063613_zpsz1nurfcp.jpg]

This is the Mio chosen Charlesworth route on Strava for anyone interested:

And this is the view over Charlesworth on the way back when I stopped to take the pics of the Mio on the bars ...

[Image: IMG_20150721_195226_zpspbgpq4py.jpg]

I've been saying for a while that sometimes it is good to just sit back and enjoy the ride and this 'Surprise Me' feature is a great way of doing that. Cool


Thoughts so far ...

Cons (may as well get them out of the way as there is nothing significant to complain about)

The set up information with the unit is poor. There is a quick start guide, but Mio would have been better served to just put an 'idiot proof' thick piece of glossy card in telling you the detailed user manual is online and to just go straight there.

First time you connect the Mio to register the maps and unit it will need to download a lot of data to bring the unit uptodate. I'm on 70mb Fibre broadband and it took about 45/50 minutes. I don't personally see this as a 'con' as it's necessary and good the unit mapping and o/s are updated, but it's worth mentioning as it has been moaned about in other reviews.

Whilst this is likely the same with any unit you buy, so maybe a harsh critisism, I was a little disappointed that the Cadence kit wasn't a simple 'fit and go'. I accept that manufacturers have to aim their kit at the general market and my bike (Canondale Synapse Carbon) with recessed pedal cranks and edged spokes (not flat or round) mean it is outside that general market, but it was a little disappointing all the same. That said, I did get everything but the 'spoke sensor' fitted with some velcro inplace of zip ties for the pedal sensor so with a little bit of thought and ingenuety it can be fitted to the more 'awkward' bike designs like mine.


The 'Surprise Me' Feature. Very simple and works well. Great for local rides when you can't decide where to go, but can see it being invaluable if in an area you don't know and you want to go for a ride. Just input distance or time, approx mph (Eg 14 or 15) and it will sort you a few routes to choose from with approx. times required and elevation.

You can go onto the MioShare website and click on 'Explore'. This allows you to create routes for your Mio easily, but, more importantly lets you zoom in on areas and see what routes are available. Find one you like, click on it, choose 'Save to Tracks' and use it.

Comprehensive display and stats on the Mio unit. You don't have to wait until you get home to see detailed stats. The unit holds plenty to keep you upto speed during your ride or at a cafe stop - including elevation graphs. Along with the size and feel, this gives the Mio the feel of a premium unit which is as it should be at this price point.

Simple link to external sites like Strava for auto sync. Lets face it - as good as the MioShare site and software are most people have a favourite site to upload activities. In the UK that site is generally Strava. From your 'account' in the MioShare site you just click on the Strava widget and authorise connection. That's it. Job done. So far it's been a solid sync, uploading automatically within about three minutes. My Garmin which has been flakey at times by comparison which is why I'm pleased that the Mio seems reliably solid.

Battery life. I do charge the unit after each use, so it goes into a ride with a full battery. That said, I did a 49 mile ride after work which had the unit 'on' for 3 hours 14 minutes with a moving time of 3 hours. The battery was showing over half full so I don't think my rides/ training will encounter any battery issues.

High Peak Cycles ...
Facebook Page:
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Croft 2005, Cadwell 2006, Cadwell 2007
It's a nice piece of kit halfords had it on offer just before Xmas, but I decided to wait and just got a topeak iPhone holder. But I do like gadgets and gizmo's so I'll await your review.
Uw get you you test pilot Smile
Looks and sounds a nice piece of kit, If you have £300 PLUS spare then it sounds a good buy.
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg]
Cadwell 2011/ Angelsey2011/ Cadwell 2013 (this one hurt) and retired me Sad
Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh teknology brain hurts :-)
Supplier of quality decals & logos in cut/full colour vinyl, personalised tea/coffee mugs, banners, digi photos on art canvas etc for the trackdayer/racer.
Ha ha. Cheers lads. It is an impressive piece of kit and the 'Surprise Me' feature is excellent. It works well for local rides, but I can see it would be a life saver if you were in an area you don't know and want a ride out. Just pop in time or distance and away you go. So simple to use and very quick re-routing if you miss a turn.

Oh, and my 'work in progress' review ^^ has now been updated with more pics and first thoughts with pro's and con's.
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Croft 2005, Cadwell 2006, Cadwell 2007
Wiggle have a sale on at the minute, plenty of bargains to be had including this at £260 if anybody wants to splash out.
(07-23-2015, 09:32 AM)croweman Wrote: Wiggle have a sale on at the minute, plenty of bargains to be had including this at £260 if anybody wants to splash out.

Is that the one with full Western Europe Mapping? Or UK/ Ireland? The one I am testing is full Western Europe.

I did mention prices to High Peak Cycles as I'd had a quick look around out of interest and saw that they could be had below the RRP.
High Peak have had a chat with the Mio rep and confirmed that they are doing deals with a bit of discount and including the front bike mount (which honestly, from using the Mio is a must have item - £29.99) and an official case (£10).
That will make their 'deal' comparable to t'internet box shifters (Wink) and give you everything you need from the off. You also get the backup of a bricks and mortar shop/dealer you can visit - which is never a bad thing in my eyes. Cool
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Croft 2005, Cadwell 2006, Cadwell 2007
Top Features of the Mio Cyclo 505 GPS Computer With HRM

With European Mapping
Slim, lightweight design
Flat screen with anti-glare, sunlight readable screen.
Large on-screen control buttons and simple menu structure.
Bicycle and road maps pre-installed – ready to go right out of the box
”Surprise Me” feature
Just choose your time, distance or destination and the Mio Cyclo will offer you 3 surprising routes to choose from.
WIFI enabled
Save time and effort. No need for PC connection, just synchronise your tracks effortlessly via WIFI.
Workout programs: challenge and train yourself, indoor and outdoor.
Includes ANT+ sensor: Evaluate your performance and improve your health.
Your cycling speed can be calculated through the cadence/speed sensor kit.
Heart rate monitor included Wireless heart rate monitor (ANT+ sensor) - evaluate your performance and improve your health.
Product Data

MTB: Yes
Road: Yes
Power Plug Type: USB
Multi-sport: No
Bluetooth Enabled: No
GPS: Yes
Vibration Alert: No
Heart Rate Monitor Compatible: Yes (Included)
Barometric Altimeter: Yes
Time/Distance alert: No
Auto Start/Stop: Yes
Touchscreen: No
Wi-Fi: Yes
Ant+ Compatible: Yes
Colour Display: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Cadence Compatible: Yes
EU Plug Supplied: No
US Plug Supplied: No
Aus/Nz Plug Supplied: No
Nice review Kingy, does look a nice piece of kit when compared to expensive Garmin units (price has always put me off).

I am assuming it is ANT= then check out the garmin speed and cadence sensors which just use a couple of bungy straps to hold in place, these are very good indeed.

Does it have the option to run power as well?

And a very anal thing but I am assuming the out front mount can run central to your stem?
(07-27-2015, 09:22 PM)speedymadr6 Wrote: Nice review Kingy, does look a nice piece of kit when compared to expensive Garmin units (price has always put me off).

I am assuming it is ANT= then check out the garmin speed and cadence sensors which just use a couple of bungy straps to hold in place, these are very good indeed.

Does it have the option to run power as well?

And a very anal thing but I am assuming the out front mount can run central to your stem?

Cheers Dave. 

Yes it is Ant+ so compatible with other equipment. 

I'm not sure on whether it can link with a power meter as I haven't got one to test it with. I'll have a look through the instructions and see if there is any reference to compatibility. 

Yes, the mount is very similar to the Garmin bar mount and is offset, so if fixed in place close to the right of the headset it will be central. If you look at the pics of the one I'm testing you can see the allen bolt to the right under the Mio unit, which shows how far to the right I have the mount on my bars. I needed to keep it to the right as I have my Garmin central. 
I didn't want to take the Garmin mount off as I wanted to visually compare the two units as I ride and I'll be handing the Mio back in a few days.  Smile
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Croft 2005, Cadwell 2006, Cadwell 2007

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