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Last time I rode a motorbike was October 2008. Last time I thought of riding one was a few minutes ago. I guess I've been a bit busy.

How is everyone? Smile
Long time no see or hear mate. Hope you and yours are well.

I'm very well thanks.

So what have you been upto?
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Croft 2005, Cadwell 2006, Cadwell 2007
Got to be a brummy ??
All the gear, No idea.

[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg] Too many to remember
Mr Wobbler how the devil are you ?
TO many crash test monkeys to list
Good morning Wobbler and welcome back
[Image: Crashtestmonkeyredsmall_zpsfc1e3d39.jpg]
Cadwell 2011/ Angelsey2011/ Cadwell 2013 (this one hurt) and retired me Sad
Feck in hell wobbler where you been! good to see you back on here what you been up too?

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