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Known too well..... - RogerC - 12-28-2017

So Christmas presents time usually results in having to say 'thank you' for something you'll likely take to the charity shop sometime in the not too distant future....................BUT.........not in our house this year.  People must be talking notice of our, Mrs C & self, liking for certain libations at 6 of the clock each this year we can genuinely say a heart felt thank you for our prezzies........ALL our prezzies.

So what did we get?  Taaaaadaaaaaa.............GIN & TONIC.......&............CHOCOLATE.  Sufficient to last a couple of months.  Small batch gin, gin & the appropriate Fever Tree tonic X 3,  Gin flavoured chocolates, M&S Gin & Tonic kit, Hotel Chocolat limited range of choccy doodaas, oh yes....and more gin.....mmmmm............and not a sock or sweater in sight.

So how well are you guys known by your prezzy givers?

RE: Known too well..... - Yogi - 01-01-2018

I buy my own presents. It's easier that way.

RE: Known too well..... - FraserG - 01-02-2018

I try and avoid presents, almost succeeded this year but someone did get me a bottle of Bacardi that'll last until next week at this rate Big Grin

RE: Known too well..... - Kingy - 01-03-2018

Like Yogi I tend to get my own presents. Well, I buy things generally and it's convenient to say one or two things are presents when we get near Christmas!
This year the present was a Google Pixel Tablet with the expensive keyboard. I'd fancied one for ages and since getting the new job I wanted something to watch films/ football on whilst tethered to my work mobile for data. As the Pixel was being discontinued it got reduced in price so I jumped as soon as that happened. Its a mint bit of kit that is impressive in use. Lightening quick and no issues at all streaming which is nice.

Then, just before Christmas I lost my patience with my rapidly slowing down S6 Edge phone and jumped at a Google Pixel 2 XL. Two reasons - One I knew the spec was excellent and it would compliment the ^^ tablet and two - They dropped it by £100 and threw in a Google mini home. Smile

So, tablet and phone for me for Christmas.


Presents to one side - Its been a strange Christmas for us this year.

My Mum has been (and still is) in hospital since Dec 8th, Yaz was working (got back mid day Christmas Day).

Whilst my Mums house was un-occupied (due to hospital) there was an accident outside and a car got punted through the hawthorne hedge landing next to my Dads Lexus. The Police initially denied any knowledge and fobbed me off until two days of investigation on social media garnered all the details including their attendance under blue lights at 4.45am in the morning. The Police continue do nothing to convince me that they are anything but individuals who will use workload/paperwork as an excuse for lazyness or ineptitude.

So, that topped off the shittest year of my life! A year that just kept giving. We are all keeping everything crossed that 2018 isn't as bad.

RE: Known too well..... - jollyjoiner - 01-03-2018

So Kingy it looks like your now fully Googled up lol

You sure had been dealt the shitty stick in 2017

Lets hope you get to hold the clean end of the stick this year pal.

RE: Known too well..... - Kingy - 01-03-2018

Thanks Nige. Amen to that!

RE: Known too well..... - RogerC - 01-03-2018

Here's wishing you a much improved year then Kingy.......all the best matey.

RE: Known too well..... - Kingy - 01-04-2018

Cheers Rog. Keeping everything crossed!

RE: Known too well..... - speedymadR6 - 01-06-2018

I heard that Kingy likes it up the shitty stick though!

Sorry to hear about your mum, you guys need some good fortune this year that's for sure!

RE: Known too well..... - Kingy - 01-08-2018

"I heard" ........ Pmsl. We shared a room after the ride that shall not be mentioned so you know damn well what Kingy likes you little princess Wink

And thanks. Yes, some good luck would be nice 'cos I've had enough of the bad stuff for the timebeing! Smile