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Back from Vegas - FraserG - 12-13-2017

In time for Christmas.

Low 20's during the day and return to snow storms and power cuts. WTF with a capital F...

Vegas was good, I'll try and do a full write up this week but currently catching up on everything that occurred in the office while I was away, but highlights include:

Gunshots (it's America, what do we expect)
Conference talks (must remember the primary purpose for going...)
Getting lost in the desert

I say highlights, that's basically all the good bits. But how do they interact with each other? You'll have to wait for me to type it all out to be bored by it! Big Grin

Did I miss anything fun?

RE: Back from Vegas - jollyjoiner - 12-13-2017

Uw need to look out for episode 2 in the Vegas drama.

RE: Back from Vegas - Yogi - 12-14-2017

Can't wait

RE: Back from Vegas - Kingy - 12-18-2017

Here we go again ...... Wink

RE: Back from Vegas - FraserG - 12-19-2017

(12-18-2017, 10:21 PM)Kingy Wrote: Here we go again ...... Wink

Hush your gums, it'll be a Christmas treat...