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Happy Birthday Fraser - jollyjoiner - 09-25-2017

Happy Birthday matey.

Hope you have a good one and gets loads of Dr Pepper down ya Wink

RE: Happy Birthday Fraser - FraserG - 09-26-2017

Cheers JJ, only had a couple of Dr Peppers - spent the day working but went to see Kingsman 2 in the evening - well worth a watch if you've seen the first film, just as funny as the first!

RE: Happy Birthday Fraser - jollyjoiner - 09-26-2017

Thanks for the up on that film as we have seen the first so will look out for the second one when it comes out on DVD or telly.

RE: Happy Birthday Fraser - Kingy - 09-28-2017

Happy belated birthday mate. Sorry for missing it, but I guess you won't mind at your age ....... Wink