The Time War

There is little known about the Time War, but what information we have been able to gather, we've placed in this article.

The Time War is what it says, a war that spread out through the whole of time and most likely space. We know of only two participants in this war, but we have heard of many victims.

The Time Lords of Gallifrey and the Daleks of Skaro, fought a war so big, and so vicious, that it was said that neither race survived.

The beginning

The beginning of the Time War is said to have been during the life of the Fourth Doctor, and initiated by him on the command of his people, the Time Lords.

The Time Lords forsaw a future where the Daleks had taken control of the universe, fought their way to overall supreme leaders of the whole of space. The Doctor agreed that this was possible, and agreed to take his mission. Avert the creation of the Daleks, or alter their genetic make-up.

The Doctor did his best to destroy the beginning of the Daleks, but when the moment came, to connect the wires and blow up the proto type Dalek creatures and stop them from ever being created, he found he couldn't do it. To destroy a race of intelligent creatures is something he just couldn't do. But the Daleks did not take this likely. The time war began, with the Time Lords, the ones we always see as the good guys, being the ones that started it.

The Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry contemplating blowing up the Daleks and averting their creation

The actual war
The actual events of the Time War is unknown, the event never actually being shown on screen, however this much we can assume.

The Time Lords and the Daleks fought each other through Time and Space, with many higher races being affected. The Nestene's food planets were destroyed and the Gelths planets and bodies were also destroyed. Lower races, such as humans were not affected, and knew nothing of the war that raged above their heads and in their history.

The Doctor is said to have ended the Time War, by blowing up some unknown item that resulted in the destruction of the Daleks, but at the same time the destruction of his own people. As with every war, there were no winners of the Time War, only losers, with both sides being wiped out, except the one survivor, the last of his people. The Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor commented that he was there at the fall of Arkadier, and also says that one day he may come to terms with that. Judging by the scale of the last fight is said to be, we could guess that this is the location of the last fight in which the Daleks and the Time Lords were wiped out.

What happened next
It is presumed that the Eigth Doctor was killed in the Time War and used a regeneration to survive and become the Ninth Doctor.

After the Time War, the Doctor continued travelling, met Rose Tyler and found a last surviving Dalek, fallen through time. But that Dalek kills itself, and the Doctor assumes that's it, the time war is over and that he is the only surviving fighter. But later on, he finds differantly, when a whole fleet of Daleks is revealed, when one ship, one small ship fell through time to survive.

The Doctor tries again to end it, but ends up almost failing, until Rose turns up and uses the Time Vortex to destroy the last fleet. The Doctor thinks it's finally over, until yet again the Daleks turn up.

The Cult of Skaro were a seperate team of Daleks designed to protect the Dalek race. They stole the Genesis Ark, a prison device that could store millons of Daleks. But the Doctor sucked them through the void.

The Cult of Skaro

With it quite clear from trailers for series three that the Daleks are not dead, it remains to be seen if the Time Lords are as dead as we think.

This next section was added on the 16th July 2007.

During the course of series three, we were left wondering as to the possibility that the Time Lords were not completly gone, and that there was more than just The Doctor. This first seed of doubt was planted in the third episode, Gridlock, in which the Face of Boe said his last and final words - "You are not alone." The Doctor however, dismisses these claims, until the eleventh episode, Utopia, when we saw a Professor Yana (the first letters of you are not alone), who was a human Time Lord. This human transformation was also seen in Human Nature and The Family of Blood episodes when The Doctor became human.

When Professor Yana got back his Time Lord status, it was revealed that he was The Doctor's enemy Time Lord, The Master. The Doctor did not know that The Master had also survived, because when he had last met him, he was thrown into the TARDIS' eye of harmony (Eigth Doctor Movie). It was then revealed by The Master that the Time Lords had ressurected him to fight in a time war, as a great warrior. But he got scared and ran away to the end of the universe and hid as a human. This reveals that the Time Lords were not completly dead, until the Master was shot and refused to regenerate.

At the end of series three, someone did pick up The Masters ring (we are unsure as to what it does, but we believe it has been seen before in the classic series), however at this current moment in time, it is assumed once again that The Doctor (and Dalek Caan) are the last survivors of the time war.

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