Classic Series

Episode title: Timelash
Featuring: Sixth Doctor
Companions: Peri Brown
First shown: 9th March 1985 - 16th March 1985
Guide: The TImelash is a powerful time corridor that links the planet Karfel and 19th century Scotland. And the Doctor gets caught up in it. And the Doctor meets someone who he last met on his third regeneration.

The Third Doctor visited Karfel but it's changed since then. There is a new leader, no mirrors and to make it worse, the planet is on the brink of war.

The leader of Karfel

The leader (pictured above), called the Borad, is a ruthless dictator who throws people who opose him into the Timelash, and wants Peri as his bride. But when the Doctor prevents war, the Borad comes after him and the Doctor solves the mystery of why there wasn't any mirrors. The Borad had banned them, so he couldn't see himself. But there was a portrait of the Third Doctor and behind that, a secret mirror. The Borad and Peri saw the Borad in the mirror and he fell back into the Timelash.