Classic Series

Episode title: The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Featuring: First Doctor
Companions: Susan Foreman
First shown: 21st November 1964 - 26th December 1964
Guide: The Doctor lands in London in the 21st century and soon discovers that the Daleks have invaded Earth. The Daleks plan to enslave the human race and use them as miners in Bedford.

Dalek Spaceship

The Daleks are mining in Bedford to the Earth's core, and they plan to remove it using a large bomb. The Doctor, with the help of Ian, Barbara and Susan, manage to stop the bomb before it hits the core. The result of the explosion being closer to ground destroys the Daleks and creates a volcanic eruption.

At the end of the episode, the Doctor moves off, leaving Susan behind. She discards her TARDIS key on the ground and walks away to start her new life, on Earth.