Classic Series

Episode title: Remembrance of the Daleks
Featuring: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Ace
First shown: 5th October 1988 - 26th October 1988
Guide: The Doctor's back where he started back on his first regeneration. The Doctor's returned to 1963, near to the junk yard in which he was last time, to collect something he left behind. But he's not the only person who's looking for it.

Back in 1963, his first incarnation left behind a coffin shaped box. This was called the Hand of Omega and contained a large sum of power. But the Daleks want it as well, for it will also give them great power. But it's not just one set of Daleks after it. Theres two.

The Imperial Daleks and the Renegade Daleks are after the Hand of Omega. And the Doctor isn't all too bothered. He wants them to get it, or he did, until he found out that there were two Dalek factions. With matters complicated, it comes down to showdown between the two Dalek groups.

The Dalek destroyer in Remembrance of the Daleks

After a battle, the Daleks that the Doctor wanted to get the Hand of Omega get their prize and take it up to their space ship to their leader, Davros. The Doctor then steps in to tell Davros not to activate it, but he doesn't listen and does so, hoping to make Skaro like Gallifrey. But the Hand was programmed to turn Skaro's sun supernova and destroyed Skaro itself, then rebounded upon the Dalek ship, just after Davros made an escape.