The Werewolf seen in Tooth and Claw (Series 2 : Episode 2) was a Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform that had crash landed on Earth in the 16th Century in Scotland. Monks from Father Angelo’s Brethren took from worshipping God to worshipping to wolf and were able to tame it by tricking it into thinking it was allergic to mistletoe. It soon took the body of a young boy while the Monks looked after it. They wished to create the Empire of the Wolf, with the intention of biting and possessing Queen Victoria. The Tenth Doctor and Rose travelled to 19th century Scotland, where they met Queen Victoria. They travelled with her, and spent a night in the Torchwood Estate that the Monks had taken over, and were blackmailing Sir Robert, the owner of the house, into allowing the Queen to stay so they could execute their plan.

He hinted to them that all was not right, but before he could tell the tale, he was interrupted by the monks, disguised as servants. Rose and a maid-girl were taken down to the cellar, where they met many other prisoners. Also in the cellar was a man in a cage, who had green eyes. This man was the wolf in a human body, caged until the time was right to release it.

The human before he becomes the Werewolf

Rose talked to the man, who showed intelligence much greater than was first thought. Rose asked where he was from, and the man replied that the body he inhabited was only from 10 miles away, but he was born much further away. Rose offers to take the alien intelligence back to where he comes from, but he says he wishes not to go, but to start the “Empire of the Wolf” by biting Queen Victoria and therefore transferring into her body.

Over dinner with Queen Victoria, the Doctor hears the monk chanting "lupus magnus est, lupus fortis est, lupus deus est" — "The wolf is great, the wolf is strong, the wolf is God". He realises that the enemy is among him, doubling his thoughts on where Rose is. The monks opened up the cellar, allowing moonlight to light up the man’s cage, triggering his transformation into the Werewolf.


As the werewolf chases them, the Doctor realises he is allergic to mistletoe, as the monks are wearing it. It leaves the women in the kitchen alone as they are around mistletoe and doesn’t go into the library as the walls have been varnished with oil of mistletoe. The wolf was defeated when the Doctor realised that Sir Robert’s father and Prince Albert are connected, but is interrupted by the Werewolf crashing through the roof. They run to the Observatory, Sir Robert sacrificing himself to give the others some time. Rose and the Doctor realign the telescope, which is not a telescope at all. It is a light chamber, made to magnify the moon’s rays. The Doctor tosses Prince Albert’s diamond on the floor, where it picks up the light and reflects it at the Werewolf. The Werewolf is suspended in the air, and asks the Doctor to increase the brightness, to which he obliges, and the Werewolf fades away.