The Vespiform were first seen in The Unicorn and the Wasp (Series 4 : Episode 7) as giant wasp like creatures from the Silfrax Galaxy as a wise and ancient race. The Vespiform’s resembled oversized wasps, with the adults measuring around 3 meters in height and equipped with a large stinger that could be regrown within a few hours after use. The Vespiform’s also have the ability to morph into the guise of another species to disguise themselves. These transformations are accompanied by a glowing haze and morphic residue left behind. While in the guise of another species, a Vespiform can integrate itself seamlessly into society, including interbreeding with other species. Any child of the interbreeding is then locked in the form of the original species, unless put under stress when the Vespiform inside them takes control and they morph into their Vespiform form.

The Vespiform attacking Donna Noble in the seventh episode of series 4, The Unicorn and the Wasp.

Vespiform’s had a telepathic recorder, which kept data about the Vespiform culture, acting as an “instant school” if one were activated. If activated, the Vespiform receiving the data would instantly know everything about the Vespiform’s culture and way of life. However, if the thoughts of close beings were including with the telepathic download, then the results could be unpredictable. In 1885, a Vespiform known as Christopher met Clemency Eddison while she was in India, where they had a child together. He gave her a large purple crystal in a necklace which she would call the Firestone. In reality, this was the Vespiform telepathic recorder. Christopher drowned in the Indian monsoon of 1885, leaving only the necklace as Clemency’s reminder of him.

A Vespiform in The Unicorn and the Wasp

Back in England, Clemency gave the child up for adoption where it was raised as a human in an orphanage, later becoming Reverend Arnold Golightly. Arnold became a vicar in the parish that included Clemency’s estate and at the age of 40 he became aware of his Vespiform heritage. As the telepathic recorder necklace (the Firestone) was close by, he received the data from it, but also received thoughts of Clemency, who was reading an Agatha Christie novel at the time. This caused Arnold to act out murders in the style that Agatha Christie would write about. Arnold was stopped when the Doctor, alongside Donna Noble and Agatha Christie, worked out that he was a Vespiform and responsible for the murders around Clemency’s estate. Arnold started drawing on Agatha’s thoughts, creating a dangerous creature due to Agatha’s intelligence. However, he was still linked to the Firestone, and was defeated when Donna threw it into a lake, which he went after and subsequently drowned in the lake.