Pig Slaves

The Pig Slaves were first seen in Daleks in Manhattan (Series 3 : Episode 4) nd Evolution of the Daleks (Series 3 : Episode 5) as slaves to the Cult of Skaro Daleks. The Pig Slaves were previously humans that had been converted by the Cult of Skaro into beasts. It is assumed they chose pigs as pigs have the most similar genetic makeup to humans, making the conversion easier. The Pig Slaves were vicious beasts that could slit a humans throat with their teeth and were used by the Cult of Skaro to capture more humans.

Pig Slaves flanking a member of the Cult of Skaro

Humans that were captured were then scanned by Dalek Caan. Those of high intelligence were chosen for the final project, while those of low intelligence were converted into the Pig Slaves. The Pig Slaves typically had a short life span and were replaced frequently, however one, Lazlo, was able to escape during his transformation and so was only partially converted, leaving him with his intelligence and a longer life span than the other Pig Slaves. The Pig Slaves were killed by Martha Jones and Lazlo using electricity from a lightning strike.