The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe (also known as the Jagrafess or Max for short) was seen in The Long Game (Series 1 : Episode 7) as the Editor-in-Chief behind Satellite 5. The Jagrafess was a large, gelatinous creature that lived on the ceiling of Floor 500 on Satellite 5. It communicated with a series of screeches and growls through its large mouth which housed numerous viciously sharp teeth. It also had several vestigial eyes and a lifespan of about 3000 years. It also had a high metabolic rate which required it to live in low temperatures to avoid overheating. On Satellite 5, the heat from Floor 500 was specifically vented down to lower levels to keep the Jagrafess cool.

The Jagrafess hangs above the Editor, the Doctor and Rose after capturing the Doctor and Rose

The Jagrafess was a huge monster placed in charge of the news broadcasting space station, Satellite 5, during the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. The Jagrafess was kept cool by venting heat generated on Floor 500 down to the lower levels. In the year 200,000, the Ninth Doctor discovered the Jagrafess to be in charge of Satellite 5 and manipulating the news it broadcast to instil fear among the human Empire. As the Jagrafess was unable to use the controls of Satellite 5 by itself, a human known as the Editor assisted him. The Editor called himself a slave to the Editor-in-Chief. However, the Jagrafess itself was a pawn in a larger game being played by the Daleks, as part of Dalek stratagems spanning hundreds of years. The Jagrafess was killed when the environmental controls were reversed by Cathica, a journalist on Satellite 5, forcing the heat to rise to Floor 500 and causing the Jagrafess to explode. After its death, the Daleks continued to use the Satellite and used different plans to continue achieving their overall goal, renaming the space station to the Game Station.=

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