Family of Blood

The Family of Blood appeared as enemies of the Tenth Doctor in Series 3 (Episodes 8 (Human Nature) and 9 (The Family of Blood)). Gaseous in nature, they required a body to sustain long life. As such they were searching out the body of the last remaining Time Lord to use as their own. The Doctor hid out of an act of mercy to the Family to allow them to live out their lives rather than killing them or imprisoning them as he did. The Family could communicate telepathically when they were apart from each other. They called each other by their relationship, followed by “of mine”, for example, “Father of Mine”, “Mother of Mine”, “Son of Mine” and “Daughter of Mine”. Son of Mine assumed authority over searching for the Doctor while he was hidden in human form, and created the scarecrows used to attack the school and village.

Scarecrows from Doctor Who, Family of Blood, being shot.

The Family conducted a heavy assault of the village in which the Doctor was hiding, to force the Doctor out of hiding and give them his Time Lord essence (hidden inside a fob watch). The Doctor tricked them using ‘ventriloquism of the nose’ while pretending to hand over the fob watch. However, the Doctor acted as a bumbling buffoon while tricking the Family and switched their spaceship into overload, resulting in it exploding. The Doctor then punished the Family with the immortality they had been seeking. Father of Mine was locked in unbreakable chains forged from the dwarf star alloy. Mother of Mine was sent into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy, trapping her there for eternity. Daughter of Mine was trapped inside every single mirror in existence. The Doctor is said to visit her once a year and Son of Mine hoped he would forgive her. Son of Mine was locked in time and made to watch over the fields of England in the guise of a scarecrow as their protector for all eternity. The Family of Blood