The Abzorbaloff was a large green alien from the planet Clom, sister planet of Raxacoricofallaopatorius. Although a resemblance is made between the Abzorbaloff and the Slitheen, the Abzorbaloff viewed the Slitheen with contempt. It is not known what the real name of the Abzorbaloff is, or its species, as the alien does not say. The name Abzorbaloff is taken after the Doctor and Elton Pope called him it, and the alien quite liked the name. Other names offered included “Abzorbatrix” and “Abzorbalot”. The Abzorbaloff is named as he killed his victims by absorbing them into his body. The Abzorbaloff’s powers were restricted through the use of a limitation field, which restricted his absorbing powers to physical contact. The limitation field was kept within a cane used by the Abzorbaloff while it was disguised as the human, Victor Kennedy, in Love and Monsters (Series 2 : Episode 10).

Abzorbaloff running

The Abzorbaloff was searching for the Doctor, in the hope of absorbing his years of knowledge and experience. To do this, he takes over the group called LINDA (London Investigation ‘N’ Detective Agency), a group dedicated to finding the Doctor. The Abzorbaloff absorbed the members of LINDA until only Elton remained. When a victim had been absorbed, they could also access his thoughts and speak, as their face remained on his body until full absorption had taken place.

Abzorbaloff disguised as Victor Kennedy

It was the victims of the Abzorbaloff who helped defeat him, when the Doctor urged them to pull in opposite directions, pulling his body apart and forcing him to drop his cane. Elton then snaps the cane, causing the Abzorbaloff’s absorbing powers to go out of control. His body collapses in a liquid state, and is absorbed by the Earth.