Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the best television shows of all time. Starting in 1963, with William Hartnell as the leading role, Doctor Who has gone from strength to strength.

In 47 years, the Doctor has saved planet Earth more times than most of us have been alive, but surviving this long almost didn't happen. In 1966, William Hartnell was leaving the show for multiple reasons, and the future of everyones favourite Time-Lord remained uncertain. It wasn't until the new production team decided that as an alien the Doctor could change form, was the Time-Lord spared the axe.

In 1985, the show was put on an 18 month hiatus, half-way through transmitting the first full series for 6th Doctor, Colin Baker. The BBC controller, Michael Grade, criticised the show for being overly violent. In 1986, the show continued, but its days were numbered.

In 1989, the show was finally shelved after 26 years on British Television by the then BBC Controller, Johnathan Powell. The Doctor never returned to our television screens until 1996, when the Doctor Who Television Movie was produced. Though after a one off movie, and a short tenure by Paul McGann as the 8th incarnation of the Doctor, the show was once again taken away from our screens.

Until 2005, when Russell T Davies and co. brought back to life the aged Time-Lord that was loved by millions at Now 42 years after its first broadcast, Doctor Who was shown to millions more people, who received it well. So far, since the Doctor's "regeneration", 5 full series have run with series 6 being shown in 2011.