Travelled with: Fifth Doctor
Appearances: Classic Series
Associated with: N/A
Enemies encountered: The Master

Kamelion was a companion of the Fifth Doctor after being a tool used by the Master. Kamelion was a shape-changing android created by the Gelsandorans and used as a tool of an invader of the planet Xeriphas. When the Master became trapped on the planet, he discovered Kamelion and chose to use him in his next encounter against the Doctor. Despite Kamelion being sentient to a degree, it was extremely weak-willed and open to manipulation by any strong personality that happened to be around it. Kamelion assumed the shape of John of England in The Kingís Demons (Classic Series) when it first met the Doctor while under the Masterís will, but it was freed by the Doctor. Free from the Masterís grip, Kamelion joined the Doctor as part of the TARDIS crew alongside fellow companions Tegan Jovanak and Vislor Turlough.

Kamelion with the Fifth Doctor and the Master

Kamelion was only seen in two adventures, The Kingís Demons and Planet of Fire (Classic Series). In the latter adventure, Kamelion once again fell under the Masterís remote influence in Lanzarote where it assumed the shape of Peri Brownís loathed stepfather, Professor Howard Foster and the Master himself. After the Master was defeated, Kamelion begged the Doctor to end its life, to prevent it from being used against the Doctor or being influenced again. The Doctor reluctantly honoured its request, ending the androids existence. During Kamelionís life, it assumed the forms of John of England and Tegan Jovanka in The Kingís Demons and Professor Howard Foster, the Doctor and the Master in Planet of Fire. When the Fifth Doctor was dying from the effects of spectrox toxaemia, he hallucinated about several individuals which included Kamelion, urging the Doctor to live in The Caves of Androzani (Classic Series).