Harry Sullivan

Portrayed by: Ian Marter
Travelled with: Fourth Doctor
Appearances: Classic Series
Associated with: Sarah Jane Smith
Enemies encountered: Sontarans, Daleks, Davros, Cybermen

Harry Sullivan, a Surgeon Lieutenant for the Royal Navy in the employ of UNIT, was a companion of the Fourth Doctor. Harry first met the Doctor after his regeneration from his Third to his Fourth incarnation in Robot (Classic Series), arriving just after the regeneration following the Doctors return to UNIT. After defeating the robot K1, Harry found himself aboard the TARDIS where his travels with the Doctor began. He was pitted against the Wirrn on Space Station Nerva in The Ark in Space (Classic Series), as well as facing the Sontarans on an uninhabited far future Earth after being transmatted from the space station in The Sontaran Experiment (Classic Series). Using the transmat again, Harry and the rest of the TARDIS crew didn’t return to the space station where the TARDIS was waiting for them, but ended up being taken to Skaro on a mission by the Time Lords to prevent the creation of the Daleks in Genesis of the Daleks (Classic Series). After the Dalek base was blown up to stall the Daleks development by the Doctor, Harry and the group returned to the TARDIS using a time ring the Time Lords had given them for the completion of their mission. The time ring transported them back to Nerva, though it ended up taking them back to an earlier time period in Revenge of the Daleks (Classic Series). Back in the late 20th century, Harry joined back up with UNIT once more, assisted the defeat of the shape-changing Zygons and their giant dinosaur-like beast, the Skarasen in Scotland. Harry was captured by the Zygons and one assumed his form in Terror of the Zygons. After this adventure, Harry chose to return home in London by train rather than by TARDIS.

Harry Sullivan, companion to the Fourth Doctor

Though Harry left the TARDIS crew, he did assist the Doctor against the Kraals in The Android Invasion (Classic Series). Harry was an old-fashioned stereotypical English human, regularly employing the use of slightly archaic language, such as referring to Sarah Jane affectionately as “old thing” or “old girl”. He was also shown to possess great bravery, even saving the Doctor’s life from a bomb on Skaro, as well as a can-do attitude, adapting easily to the numerous strange occasions he found himself on. However, he could be unsubtle and quite clumsy, leading the Doctor to once declare, in a moment of annoyance, that “Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!” in Revenge of the Cybermen.